The climate of fear thread

This is a thread for discussion of all those ways the big government types try to herd us into their corrals by making us fear some overhyped threat that only they can save us all from. I suppose we could have opened this with Anthropogenic Global Warming, but it’s kind of late for that now.


When they talk like this, you know they know they’re starting to lose the argument.

Now, as to actual present dangers, give me civil liberties or give me (a remote probability of) death.

Oh, did you know people are being forced to wear armbands in Montana? And they’ve been shutting down church services in Mississippi. More local than state in both cases, but tyranny all the same.

But there are plenty of states crossing the line in the US. I’ll say it again: I prefer individual rights to states’ rights.

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We are self-incarcerating, self-policing, and now self-censoring. These are worrying times, virus or no virus.

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And government never ever releases any type of control it has (temporarily?) enacted.

I stopped self-censoring a long time ago, when I realized it did more harm than good.

The worst evils I have ever witnessed were supported by enforced silence. But I’m not allowed to talk about that here, say the mods.

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The subjects of New York City are getting what they voted for, good and hard. There are people who say the rest of the country can get along just fine without the Big Rotten Apple. We may see that theory tested soon.

Deep water harbors are important, though.

I’ve been referring to my current location as “Elbonia”, (a) for its uncanny resemblance to that fictional country and (b) because I want to avoid being shot and dumped in the river.

So, here in Elbonia, it’s pretty interesting. All of the rules, by some curious coincidence, seem designed to deliver a gut punch to the middle classes, and to those who aspire to get there (ie., those who have a job and a modicum of brains).

  • Much as they are in Nineteen Eighty-Four, the plebs are largely left alone by the uniformed drones patrolling the streets (they look like utter twats, incidentally, strutting around in jungle camo and bandannas like they’re off on a black ops mission instead of doing traffic duty).

  • There are various sops given to the perennially down-and-out (food, cash, and suchlike) for which they are pathetically grateful, posting “I love my politicians” messages on facebook.

  • The whole of the legit economy has been shut down, which by definition leaves the grey economy untouched; that’s where the poor exist, and they carry on with life regardless.

  • Everyone who actually does things by the book is being royally screwed over; one assumes the intention is to send them a message: “you’d better keep doing things by the book because we can hurt you real bad when we want to”. I think TPTB have not read much history: revolutions always come from the middle classes.

Thus it has always been. It’s called anarcho-tyranny.

Most stated rules are lies. The actual rules are mostly secret. The objective of the game is to figure out what the real rules are.

The proles don’t matter. If you can pass for a prole but not think like a prole, Airstrip One is your oyster.

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CNN and BBC keep telling me that I live in a “new reality.”

Everything has changed forever.

This is the “new normal.”

Things will “never be the same.”

I grew up in the era of the military industrial complex.

But, apparently now; I live in the era of the Medical Industrial Complex.


I’ve blocked the BBC on my ISP filter. its the only website that’s blocked.

I duno exactly what agenda they’re pushing but I don’t trust it. Any organisation that has a different site for inside a country to outside can’t be trusted, in my opinion.

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They need to have an end of the world every five years or so to keep the clicks up.

From that other, lamer, overly moderated thread:

But really it belongs here.

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We have always been at war with Eastasia.

For those who believe in the “science says” game:

Anecdotal expertise:

There are a number of ways to spin this, but none that justify the lockdowns or even faith in experts:

Individual rights, not state rights:

6 years old, but still relevant:

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How’s Russia doing now?

I’d rather be afraid of China than Russia. Each to his own fear, I say. But there are those who want to impose specific fears on everyone, and that’s what this thread is about.

We must take back the freedom to choose our own fears.

In Soviet Russia, disease catch YOU!!!


California caves to Elon?

Guess he won’t be making those overpriced explodey cars in Texas after all.