The Coffee Thread

Flat white is a cappuccino with slightly more coffee

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They have it at Louisa, I think it is called 澳洲拿鐵, or something similar. They serve it in a Duralex type glass, it’s the 1990s all over again.


Black coffee with a hint of foamy milk.

. . . and less foam (hence the “flat” part).


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Well, had for the 2nd time krispy kreme iced americano. Much better than maccas, still a tad worse than 7-11 one, but one pf the best fast food coffees for me. Price is higher though, 75 NT for the medium cup. However, perfect match for doughnuts.

Earlier you had mentioned Mos Burger and Burger King as fast food coffee choices you like. Was it both, or did you have a preference?


After I tried krispy kreme again, the below applies now:

  1. Mos/7-11 (ex aequo)
  2. Krispy Kreme
  3. Burger King
  4. Maccas
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I find the 7-11 one pretty “meh”, but I guess rating is versus price?

Absolutely correct, with a higher price would be much lower. Price point is unbeatable.

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I rated 7 “meh” until they got the 濃萃 strong option.

I find with 7 that it really varies from store to store. Maybe the ones that do brisk business have fresher beans?

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What is that? Can you ask for more coffee and less water or something?

It’s on the menu! 濃萃拿鐵. It’s just a stronger latte

Oh but I do not drink latte.

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