The Combat Zone

The Zone warmly welcomes new and old for the New Years Celebrations.
No more rip-offs than usual !!

Did you go ? How was it ?

Lutun Pinoy Beer 50 NT Smirnoff Ice 75 NT
Why pay more to sit in a posh shit hole ?

Geez, when will this strip be bulldozed? Must be 10 years overdue at least, methinks.

It probably should have gone when thr Vietnam war concluded. Still, as a lover of history, it’s also quite nice that it still exists. A strange little window into the past.


but the Zone represents the free spirit and watching the girls fleece the mugs beats watching 11 men kicking a bag of wind about on a screen.

Indeed, and one of the very few places in Taiwan you can get completely screwed over in a good old SE Asian sense. :laughing:

Damn, all I got is it’s presumptious sister in the shape of Wanchai.


A new pub has opened.
Richys’ Niche in the Zone around the corner from Peace Jazz.
Richy is well known to many having worked in many pubs in the Zone.

The party is today. Kicking off at 6. Ran by people who I have NEVER seen in The Zone EVER !!!

See you there - on the street or in Wala.

Just back. How I wish I’d brought my camera. Did I see Comrade Stalin there? I have several rolls of Provia in the fridge that do not in any way contain hundreds of images of scantily clad lovelies. Because I didn’t bring the bloody camera!!! AAargh!

“f8 and be there.” Never a truer word spoken. Damn.

I’d probably have left it in the taxi anyway.

Please ICRT - do more of that. It was brilliant.

What’s this? I was runner-up in the good body competition? Surely not! I only went on stage for a laugh. Do they not know my middle name is punyweakling? If I had known I had any chance of winning, I would have tried just that little bit harder.

My Place has improved its TVs for the World Cup. Renovated the back bar it’s now called MY Sports.
Vastly improved.
Best place to watch England win.

[quote=“WolvesMon”]My Place has improved its TVs for the World Cup. Renovated the back bar it’s now called MY Sports.
Vastly improved.
Best place to watch England win.[/quote]

This is now one of the best pubs to watch sports,their video quality is the best I have seen in Taipei. I was there for the USA Italy match, great atmosphere.

I’ve put up some pictures of the street party here: … 171764191/

Hi All Zoners,


Especially the bon viveurs in Da Zone.

Come to The Zone the only place for a proper pub crawl in Taipei !

on Sunday means all Philippine pubs open late, cheap beer, lots of girls and no Taiwanese rip-offs!


Sadly, March will see the end of the end of Shuang Cheng Street as they are demolishing the bottom end from EuroBar all the way around to DeiHu Street and Peace Jazz.

Peace Jazz will relocate, I have no info on the others.
A sad day indeed, but a good excuse for many closing PARTIES !
More later…

Almost June now, and still no demolished buildings around the zone. Any news about this??

I don’t go there very often, but the Patina Pub, a bit off the main street, looks pretty nice after they redecorated the place!

The demolition is on hold.
Yes Patina has moved.
More interesting is that although PeaceJazz has closed it is reopening soon almost opposite My Place in the former knocking shop Tokyo Bar.

Called PeaceJazz again this pub is the most friendliest in The Zone, catering to UK Expats and Filippinas alike.

Peter, the owner, assures me that all beers will cost 100NT at ALL times.

It will open sometime next week but on Sunday 24th June there will be a joint birthday party for Peter and I and anybody else who enjoys the craic!!