The Comedy Stylings of the Global Times and CCP!

“Hello daughter. So…have you graduated yet?”
“No, dad”
“…but you’re 8 years late, what are you even doing there?”
“Ugh, could you like stop giving me so much pressure? I have to go attend a gender class studies now”
“Gender wha”
Daughter has left the chat

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Are you sure? The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2019 list Tsinghua at rank 14 and Beijing at 17, Taiwan’s NTU is in the 51 to 60 bracket.

They are good unis , I have known some profs from there and visited fudan quite a few times , but the issue is their teaching faculty is not diverse.

They carry weight in rankings, but not much in real life when someone looks at your resume.


Really like this move. China’s got nothing to say and they can’t really retaliate. Maybe they’ll try to attack Apple… We’ll see. I have no sympathy for companies like Apple. That can manufacture elsewhere. I hope it starts a chain reaction for other companies to look at China data collection. I think India has also banned tic-toc

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The thing is, I agree. Call me a hypocrite but I’m loving that China is getting a taste of their own medicine here.

I share and break down some of the funniest paragraphs in the article.

A possibility of a ban on Taobao Taiwan has astonished and angered local residents who are still reeling after the Tsai Ing-wen authority banned the mainland streaming services providers Tencent and iQIYI last week.

Are you reeling from the ban of iQiyi? Has this angered you? Maybe my town hasn’t experienced the local CHAOS the ban on these services provide. Qiuming’o!

Some residents reached by the Global Times complained that the bans create an additional financial burden to them, as Taiwan’s stagnant economy and the COVID-19 pandemic have forced many people to live with less.
A resident of New Taipei City, surnamed Chen, who often buys clothes from Taobao Taiwan, said the platform is popular among Taiwan people because prices are usually much lower than those of similar quality found on Taiwan’s local shopping sites.

Let’s talk to these alleged residents like Mr Unnamed Chen allegedly alleges that it’s popular because the prices are much lower than Taiwan’s local sites.

Chen pointed to product that sold for 20 yuan ($2.9) on Taobao Taiwan but was listed NT$399 ($58) on the island’s native e-commerce platform Momo. “For ordinary people who have to pay rents and feed their children on low salaries, Taobao Taiwan is a good platform to save money,” Chen said told the Global Times Tuesday.

Global times can’t do maths apparently. $58US is not $399TWD. 20RMB is $86TWD and fails to mention that post isn’t included. Of course the products they allege suffer from this are unknown. Wouldn’t want to do fact checking. Amirite?

The popularity of Taobao Taiwan has helped deepen ties between Taiwan residents and the mainland, which the local authority reluctant to see, said Taiwan financial scholar Yu Chih-pin. “The Tsai government is trying all means to isolate the link [between the mainland and Taiwan] with its political conspiracies,” he said.

Popularity of Taobao Taiwan?
When trying to search for e-commerce data in Taiwan, most sites at most gave a token mention to Taobao if at all. US sources suggest that Shopee, Momoshop, PCHome, Yahoo! take up the lion’s share of ecommerce purchases. Shopee has more than 5 times the downloads Taobao Taiwan has on their app as well.

Purported scholar Yu Chih-Pin seems to be a person who either doesn’t exist or is very very low key and unimportant.

As you can see, the fourth entry is the article itself, but what I get are some guy in Vietnam and the only two matches are a guy who was killed ELEVEN years ago in Hsinchu and another guy with the same name who worked for the PRC propaganda department in 1976. Financial scholars are usually googlable and if they aren’t, then they’re some rando.

Chen worries that the Taiwan people’s cost of living will rise if Taobao Taiwan is forced off the island.
“There are numerous poor people on the island struggling to make a living, but the Tsai authority doesn’t seem to care whether they live or die,” she sighed.

Numerous poor people? Oh no! Where are they?

What does numerous mean? 1.6% of people under the poverty line? Well… 230 000 people is numerous to me…if surrounded by them. But not as numerous as the paper makes it out to be. China has 23% of its population making US$165/m. Taiwan has 1.6% of its people making $17000TWD or less which is $578US. Taiwan’s poorest make 3½x more than China’s third poorest.

By considering Taobao Taiwan to be a mainland-backed enterprises, the Tsai government is fawning over the US and imitating its potential ban on the mainland’s apps TikTok and WeChat, said Taiwan native Tang, who also buys from Taobao Taiwan.
“I’m bored with the Tsai authority’s tricks (targeting the mainland) like this,” Tang told the Global Times.

Who is Tang? That’s like me saying American native Mr Smith told the Global Times…

Is Taobao not a Chinese-backed enterprise?



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