The Comedy Stylings of the Global Times and CCP!

Sometimes it’s nice to set easily achievable goals for yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

LMFAO they’re calling us flawed…says the country who started this mess.

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Remember, everyone: to criticize China is xenophobic bigotry. At least this year. Next year the moral fashions will probably have moved on. But for now, Saint Pooh can do no wrong.

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Zhang Hua is an associate research fellow at the Institute of Taiwan Studies under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


lmao it doesn’t matter who gains. It’s the will of the Taiwanese people.

hence, in the comedy stylings thread. and that guy is a Taiwan studies researcher. doi’

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Just found this thread. Goes well with my book:

I don’t know where to start:

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Monday said all ethnic groups are part of the big family of the Chinese nation and no ethnic group should be left behind in the country’s fight against poverty, in its building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and in its drive toward modernization.

So, the new new goal is to be “moderately prosperous?”

Xi made the remarks when he talked with residents on the square of the Jinhuayuan community in the city of Wuzhong during his inspection in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

The community is home to more than 13,000 permanent residents, nearly half of whom are of ethnic minority groups.

It represents the fine tradition of the Chinese nation and the great strength of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics to enable people of all ethnic groups to walk hand in hand into a moderately prosperous society in all respects, Xi said.

“With the continuous efforts of the Party and the government as well as the tireless endeavors of the people, the days ahead will surely be better and happier,” he added.

It is odd that he didn’t add, “We are in transition.” :roll_eyes:

Since the novel coronavirus raged, China-US relations have continued to decline. The successive China-related policies and bills introduced by the US government and the US Congress have seriously damaged bilateral relations. The US officials are also increasingly vocal in their attacks on China. Some commentators in both the US and China noted that bilateral relations are in “free fall.” World public opinion is worried that once China-US relations get out of control, it will be more difficult for the global economy to recover in the post-COVID-19 era. Arms races and geopolitical conflicts will surely intensify, the world order will become more chaotic, and some unexpected disasters will be on the way.

This is by no means alarmist.



I find it interesting that their third bottom line is allowing Chinese students and tourists to go to the US
Xi JIng Ping must have asked to put that one in .

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Does his daughter still study in the US ?

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I’ve heard that during the trade war, Chinese diplomats consistently brought up Chinese students being free to study in the US.

Chinese schools are garbage. Even the best like Beijing and Tsinghua are not really respected in anywhere outside the sino world. It’s basically just copy and paste cheating.

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Well, Guy Sorman believes that they have no imagination in China…so they send their best and brightest to the US to er…gather ideas and knowhow…and like 1/2 come back.

Where’s Xi’s kid go to school? Probably f’n Berkeley. lol

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I wonder what it could be like to be her classmate or teacher. I mean, I’m pretty sure all her teachers will give her 100/100 no matter what to avoid being targeted as racist/sinophobic/whatever and ending up in an Uyghur “”“education”"" camp, but what about her classmates? It has to be so odd.

I think I’d enjoy teaching her. Imagine the guanxi!


Usually the offspring of Communist Bandits are given fake identities, documents and pseudonyms when attending school. This ensures they are not targets. The teachers are not a target for their marks, rather it’s the other way around. The student is the target.

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Harvard actually. She’s been there years if I recall rightly, not much desire to go back to the homeland .

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Ah yes. Nothing but the best. And then she’ll go to Harvard Bidness School and then never speak to her father again.

She’s a bit “off the radar” but her info are readily available:

Fuckoff wikipedia using her father’s pic in the preview, Jesus Christ. There she is:


Who knows, maybe she could steal your heart and turn you into the ultimate Wumao…

I’ll keep shilling for Kim Yo Jong, you do you!

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I was thinking of turning her into a Wutaibi

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