The coming break up of Russia


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Can the original poster do something on the coming break up of Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, India, Pakistan, the EU and anywhere else where some people would like their own territory, etc?
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Now? @jdsmith has been saying this for years.

Confirmation of Bolton’s assessment:

From the above, it is not only obvious that the world’s two superpowers have been working hand in gloves to make sure the 2022 Ukraine War of Escalation doesn’t stop quickly by the defeat of any one of the 2 belligerents, but even Moscow is hindering the prospect of a quick Russian victory:

This only betrays the formation of several growing antagonistic factions within the Russian Federation itself.

Could someday the Wagner faction oppose militarily the other generals of the Russian Federation for the control of Moscow?

Because this war is already as lost for Russia in 2023 as it were in 1937 for the German Third Reich and the Empire of Japan.

Indeed the break up of the Federation of Russia and ensuing power struggle between various splinter factions of the Russian Army’s remnants was preannounced in a videoludomancy:

Of course the cliques are not fighting for the control of the world as stated but for the control of the Russian world!

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Are you for real? Aren’t there web sites better suited for this kind of whackadoodle?

Could a Russian armed faction challenge the Kremlin and ultimately seize the power from it?

First what went wrong in the previous 1991 Soviet coup attempt:

We see that the main cause for the coup’s failure was the lack of firepower of the plotters.

But Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner is totally different. It is a paramilitary force itself, battle hardened in the 2022 Ukrainian conflict, even fiercer than the regular conscripts of the Russian Federation Army. Think of it as the equivalent of the French Legion Etrangere, both made mostly of convicts.

The main question now is does Yevgeny Prigozhin’s have the ambition to lead the entire Russia?

Seems far-fetched? Let us confirm or refute this theory through the lens of two cutting edge scientific OSINT tools:

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Are you just copying this stuff from some other website? I’d so, that’s against the rules. Wouldn’t want that in the old spaceship now would we??

And really, this stuff is just mental:

I mean every post is this kind of “analysis.” The hell is a predictive science? :crazy_face:

This kind of baiting only betrays how one feels so insecure when the truth is being exposed; the type of demonstration that can even convince the less educated.

And this is precisely why @stoa1984 was banned in several dedicated South Asian and European military and spaceflight forums.

Read this latest example:

Indeed, this proves once again that China and the U.S. are in reality old-partners (China replacing the Soviet Union in this role since the year 2000s) working hands in gloves, each with its own role in the ‘Good cop-bad cop’ routine.

With the aim to fool the sheeples.

Is this only an isolated case? Some could argue that it doesn’t involve the Chinese government.

The demonstration above was so effective that the moderators of the aforementioned European aerospace forum could only reply with a permaban!

What does all this mean in the current Ukrainian conflict?

Fools are being deceived to die in the Hunger Game.

By staying alive and refusing to serve as cannon fodders, they would become the victors, while warmongers would be frustrated.

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I’m afraid your posts make extraordinary claims, that requires extraordinary evidence. If everyone else points out that your opinions are far fringe, perhaps the problem is not just everyone else

This is a good example, your quotation doesn’t prove what you say. A simpler explanation is China is just stealing and copying the technology.

This, also, will bait people into pointing out the flaws in your logic and the invalid nature of your analytical methods (which, frankly, are hilarious)

We’re fairly open minded here, but there is a rule about excessive quotation and walls of text which you have been warned about.

Please focus on quality over quantity of your posts. This means you will have to do some rewriting. And be open to others taking a critical view of your logic, analysis, and opinions.

If you can’t accept this without insulting people, it isn’t surprising that you have been banned by so many forums and you have landed here.

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As of 21st March 2023 (Norooz 1st Favardin 1402), China can be confirmed as the major victor from this 2022 Escalation War.

After only a year into this Peace Game, both Viking Rus’ hunger gamers are now so exhausted that the choking bear :polar_bear: has no other options left but to withdraw vintage T-54/55 armored tanks from the storage bases.

|2| |3| |1| |2| Russia Brings T-54 Tanks Out of Retirement. 21 March 2023

This epochal geopolitical polar shift that saw historically from the 1920s until recently, all leaders of the Communist Party of China wooing Moscow for support and military equipment, has taken a total 180 degrees U-turn.

The Kremlin has apparently removed all restrictions previously set on cooperations with China.

Sparing no effort to please its southern Big Brother, Russia has officially introduced China into the ISS Zarya International Space Station.

|2| |3| |1| |2| Symbolical PRC flag flown in a Russian orbital module of the International Space Station.

Although symbolical with a PRC flag flown in a Russian orbital module, this hints at possible more important Chinese ISS cooperation in the future.

Remember, China is not an ISS partner, and no Chinese nationals have been aboard.

Back in 2007, Chinese vice-minister of science and technology Li Xueyong said that China would like to participate in the ISS.

While ESA was open to China’s inclusion, the US was against it. |1| |2|

Russia then dragged the feet for two decades, delaying the proposed participation of both China and Ukraine in the Russian part of the ISS.

Today China has already built its own space station, while Ukraine turned a mortal enemy no longer seeks access to space.

As a result, by Norooz 2023 China is the only superpower in the World to have a presence in two space stations orbiting the Earth!

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OMG, did they also have first gender neutral bisexual astronaut ?

Who cares? Did they get special patches?