The coming break up of Russia

The future break up or Russia was first predicted a decade ago in 2015:

With China being the main beneficiary:

A decade later, this forecast seems even more likely:

Watch history, and decide for yourself (hint: Khazaria might soon meet the same fate as the legendary phoenix!):

1. 欧洲2500年风云 Europe Map in 2500 years. Published Feb 14, 2015


In Soviet Russia, post make YOU!!!

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I honestly can’t follow you talk about. It’s all like some alternative dimension type of stuff. Not trying to be rude, just trying to tell you, I can’t follow what’s going on with your “stuff”.
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Well honestly I can’t tell what his points are… and about 3 lines in few people will care.

Someone could just easily used chat bots and flooded the entire forum with non content.


But have you considered this?

I got as far as this claim.

In 2011 Moscow’s urban middle class took to the streets to demand modernisation. Mr Putin responded by picking out alleged national traitors, annexing Crimea and starting a war against Ukraine.

:grinning: The claim is made without even a mention of the 2014 coup that saw the democratically elected President of Ukraine overthrown, the ushering in of virulent anti Russian measures such as getting rid of the Russian language as a national language as well as the ultra nationalists that travelled from the west of Ukraine to the east to burn down buildings of Russian speakers who protested any of this with them inside. No apparently according to the article Putins actions were motivated by something that happened in 2011.

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Yea honestly you would normally post an article, not quote it, then ask a question about it to start a discussion, which would degenerate into nationalism and whatever. But quoting a bunch of different articles is just low effort posting.


Read the conversation with John Bolton in light of the first post:

And what a 180 degrees change from a century earlier:

A shame that this topic can only be found written in Chinese language, but not in English, such as wiki, quora.

That probably explains a lot.

Btw, Russia went into hospice in 1989.

And this:

Bolton never saw a weapon he didn’t want fired—- immediately.

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Boltaction has to be frustrated with Special Operation Ukrainian Freedom because it’s put Operation Iranian Freedom on the back burner for the foreseeable future.


Remember, according to the Marxist principle of ‘history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce’.

Back in 2022, @stoa1984 has already indicated why Russia would disintegrate, following the tragic fates of Germany and Japan:

That is why following its initial failure, Russia has acknowledged that this war is no longer about who will control Ukraine, but about the very survival of Russia as a civilization.

And even China knows that, tabling on a future inevitable break up:

2. Beijing presents a map of the world using Chinese names for a number of Russian cities.

In this dedicated thread, @stoa1984 demonstrates that Starlink is indeed a Superweapon that could end the war in Ukraine within days, and even within hours, when by 2027 the orbital weapon system would be completed.

In addition, Starlink can intercept all nuclear weapons, rendering MAD impossible.

Read this:

And indeed, even Russian military experts have now changed their goalpost or rather war goal (despite my repeated warnings issued since 2011 but all fallen into deaf ears!):

@jdsmith wonders why you are referring to yourself in the third person. :idunno:


What has inspired @stoa1984 to post all of this information here? He seems quite passionate to disseminate his work, but what is his purpose in releasing such great quantities of it on – lets face it – a relatively obscure forum? :thinking:

Could @stoa1984 parse this video and tell me if the world will still need plumbers and ditch diggers?

You need to add at least one map, a few movies, and a videogame. Maybe Portal2 is a good choice


Here’s a map

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Too Gen Y. This is more like it.

Good choice, comes with own map!

@stoa1984 is only one user name among the 1000 faces and 1000 hands of the OP.

Should one keep its wisdom for himself or is it better to share it with those the most in need of it?

Indeed, @stoa1984 has spared no effort since 2011 to educate the less endowed from Iran to Russia, including Pakistan, India and Thailand, etc… hopping from forum to BBS.

Well, @stoa1984 has not watched the video yet, but the opinion is that mankind is indeed already in the process of crossing the irreversible threshold of being replaced by an all Tesla Bot civilization.

As for the A.I., the equivalent of human level cognitive capacity was probably already achieved during the 1960s.

But what were not available then:

  1. Synthetic robotic platform of small size. Processor not requiring house-size facilities and with cryogenic cooling system.
  2. Portable miniaturized power source
  3. Actuators as efficient as the biological muscle ones
  4. Sensors small and cheap
  5. Self-repairing, self-evolving robotic parts
  6. Fast and low production cost

Six decades later, research have been completed in the following fields:

  1. Synthetic robotic platform no heavier than a man can be produced, processing units alone reaching the 2.5 Petabytes of humans brain capacity can fit inside a Tesla Bot with no additional cumbersome cryogenic cooling system. Data link connectivity with orbital Starlink array allows cognitive capacity exceeding those of a basic human.
  2. Starlink allows to power wirelessly from orbit all electrical robots, allowing the use of smaller batteries.
  3. Artificial synthetic muscles have been developed, controlled by electric pulses
  4. All type of miniaturized bio-sensors are available, including RGB camera, accelerometers, thermal sensors, vibration sensors, microphones, touch sensors, molecular sensors, pH sensors etc, all that can be mass produced at low costs and integrated into a Tesla Bot
  5. No self-repairing, self-evolving robots are known to exists
  6. Production cost has decreased several thousands fold