The completely useless obvious advice thread


I’m creating a dumping ground for nuggets of wisdom in the tradition of you may be the ebola virus if your driver’s license photo looks like this.

First nugget: living in a van down by the river is something you’ll have a lot of time to think about when you’re living in a van down by the river.

I was arrested and need advice
I was arrested and need advice
I think most Asian pop music is mediocre.
I lost my passport and ARC
Unreasonable (or reasonable?) Financial Expectations
Must see's and do's in Singapore and Malaysia---Advice please!

If you attack the police when they try to help you; you are an idiot.


Thanks for your contribution…you sound like a well-rounded individual.


I have a feeling this thread could be quite a busy little place…

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I think I will like this thread.


You should read this thread on occasion.


Nominating this thread for the end of the year thread awards that might never occur…someday.


Wear sunscreen, except in Taiwan, carry an umbrella.


Emphasize the fourth tone with a quick, jerking downward nod.


And the downward hand swipe…jeesh what a newbie



Hmm… not all of us are above stealing good ideas, you know.:thinking:

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When one invests in something and makes a lot of money, sell when it starts to go down. Rebuy when it starts to go up again.

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What if it starts to go down again, BD?


I guess one resumes the process.


Don’t be an asshole.


Thanks, man.


This is what we call 對號入座. :grin:


Fixed that for you.

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That is neither useless nor obvious.


Oh really? Have you tried telling that to an asshole?