The completely useless obvious advice thread

@mad_masala may have a different opinion.

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I wonder what happened for needing that notice…

HIIT (high intensity interval training) aerobic class should be taken before the hot tub and 3 beers not after the hot tub and 3 beers :weary::weary::weary:

You know the sun has risen when it is no longer dark outside

You know it’s cold when it snows on YMS

Apologies to Cat of the Day.

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You it’s cold outside when all the Forumosans are yakking about the cold weather.

Reading threads about useless advice is a good way to waste time.

Chicken ass tastes good. Who would of thought?

[mod edit: this advice from another thread is about what to do if you lose your passport and ARC]

Get new ones.


If your cat meows at you at 630am , his food bowl is empty.

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You know you have looser morals than Takeshi Kaneshiro when you try to sell immoral products through a non-immoral website.

(In reference to a certain Temp thread.)

you know if you are reading this…you have better things to do :), but you ain’t doing it

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How much would the shipment be?

I thought you said you were going to hand-deliver the discs to the highest bidder. Can I bid “negative infinity”?

If needed, and you are not here anymore

Wait – I just realized, even at negative infinity, if I’m the only bidder, I’m automatically the highest bidder! :runaway:

Someone else, please, please make a bid! Save me from Jesus and his sinful products! :praying:

If you try to help a complete stranger for non-selfish reasons and actually succeed, you’re A Good Person. :slight_smile: :rainbow:

(For @Mick)

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On the first good shorts day of the year, wear sunglasses :dark_sunglasses: or don’t look down at your legs if you need good eyesight for a few minutes or so.