The completely useless obvious advice thread


But that’s not useless! :rant:


If you want useless advice, don’t go to a robot.


That’s borderline. :neutral_face:


Getting back on topic:



Do the math. Ponzicoins will make us all rich but YOU NEED TO GET IN NOW before it’s too late!


Don’t eat too much. It’s not good for your health.


Don’t eat bananas if you have a cold.


Don’t whistle at night.


Study what you love in college.


Look both ways before crossing at a crosswalk (obvious but useless in Taiwan).


Obvious and useful advices are allowed to post here?


Useful advice should go here:


People reading this thread either have too much time on their hands or they’re ignoring other important things.

It’s both for me.


Don’t use your hand to check the temperature of the oil used to fry french fries.

Seems obvious and useless, yet I know someone who did this. Fortunately the shift manager had some Vicks nasal spray on hand to treat him with.


Nasal spray to treat oil burn on hand?

That’s too useful, get that outta this thread.


Not just this thread, this whole forum is way past expiry date…


Not yet!

I had a two poo day today, and a two poo day is always a good day wouldn’t you agree?


Sharing your bowel movements with strangers is a great way to win friends and influence people.


Never pass up a chance to poo, but always bring your own poo paper just in case.