"The Conservative Cult of Victimhood"

I’m kind of surprised you like Jazz actually.

Because its 5 am and I have to get up tomorrow, and can only enjoy so much of his wonderful running commentary. It’s like 70’s coltrane, short doses is OK. Like Interstellar Space.

I’ll throw it on Auto from here and let him post for me altogether since every time I post he has to make a snarky comment.

Night BD, always a pleasure!

Yeah, like the Nazi ‘stab-in-the-back’ legend.


If victimhood is a bad thing, would the left also recognize their own cult of victimhood? i doubt.


Can you produce this chart? That might make this credible. Let’s see it!


Why would it ever be a pleasure?

Why wouldn’t I like jazz? Other than not knowing that it’s technically free jazz - although we’re getting close to Spinal Tap here.

Do snarky comments make one a victim?

Ooh, lots of questions. Aren’t they fun?

Only if we turn the incredulity up to 11!

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Yours are! Should I answer the rest or would you like my shadow to answer for me?

Or carve a backward B on your face.

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i had to google it, was not familiar with the story. anywho, i’m certainly not of the opinion that victimhood is the purview of only one side of the political spectrum. and the joke was still well done in the context of @mcnulty dodging the jussie Smollett question

Yes. You should answer all of my questions and quote them first.

or at least not whine when people don’t answer all of his

Because I always enjoy your amusing takes on US academic life and culture.

Dunno, I picture you as more of a late 70’s punk rock type. Or maybe prog rock.

Not following you on this one

They are. Not as fun as Frankie and Sammy Davis Jr. Fun, but fun.

Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr - Me and My Shadow - YouTube

And here he comes: there he is! back again!

Worryingly not far off.


i’m rocking my first mohawk, thanks to the pandemic (i won’t say what color(s), to preserve anonymity)

I can’t figure out what you’re getting out of this.

This has got to be a bullshit account. I’ve been biting my tongue for over a year since homersimpsun and I can’t think of any other possibility than you are some goateed guy trying to turn us all far right.



what does anyone get out of this? Probably the same answer as you. You asked me that already, is it a memory loss thing? Ask yourself what you’re getting out of it. That’s the answer.