The Contexto Thread

Got a little bored with Wordle, so thought I’d try a new one. Contexto is supposedly inspired by Wordle, but it seems completely different to me. I found it pretty challenging, but maybe it’s just because it was my first try.

I played #155 and got it in 44 guesses and 3 tips.

:green_square::green_square: 18
:yellow_square: 14
:red_square::red_square: 15

Here are the rules:

I had to give up. Will try again tomorrow

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Reminds me of a similar game a while back, although I don’t remember the name. You beat me by 9 guesses, but I didn’t use any tips.

I played #155 and got it in 53 guesses.

:green_square::green_square: 12
:yellow_square::yellow_square: 11
:red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square: 30

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This definitely made a difference.

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Yes, I think it’s quite similar to

I made it. Not bad!

I played #155 and got it in 17 guesses.

:green_square: 5
:yellow_square: 2
:red_square::red_square::red_square: 10



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Someone do yesterday’s. I actually got >99% there randomly on the 5th guess, which was the 6th closest word and narrowed it down to a dozen or so equally likely options, but it took another eight goes of trial and error to find the right one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I played #154 and got it in 13 guesses.

:green_square::green_square::green_square: 9
:yellow_square: 2
:red_square: 2


I think I got lucky on this one, starting with words that enabled me to narrow it down quickly. Some of the logic the algorithm uses to determine the closeness of words isn’t making a lot of sense to me though.

I played #156 and got it in 15 guesses.

:green_square::green_square::green_square: 9
:yellow_square: 3
:red_square: 3

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36 here, took a bit of fumbling around in the weeds.

I played #156 and got it in 36 guesses.

:green_square::green_square::green_square: 19
:yellow_square: 9
:red_square: 8

Didn’t the taxonomy seem a little off to you?

I suppose it depends how you approach the final word? Spoiler:

I’m not sure that “grasshopper” is closer to “ant” (#2), “beetle” (#3), “spider” (#17), and “bird” (#60) than it is to “grass” (#77)…


Yours makes a little more sense than mine, but yeah, still some pretty curious logic.

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Someone posted this or a very similar one long ago, and I found it very difficult.

I played #156 and got it in 39 guesses.

:green_square: 4
:yellow_square::yellow_square: 13
:red_square::red_square::red_square: 22

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Not bad for a first try. :+1:

I played #156 and got it in 51 guesses and 2 tips.

:green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square: 29
:yellow_square: 4
:red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square: 20

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Yeah it seems to be making associations in a definite way and not in like a Family Feud style survey human way. There is a clear pattern if you look at the full results. It will be interesting to see how it works for other parts of speech.

IIRC it doesn’t use any algorithm but a Google graph database with the distance between terms.

In their own words: