The COOL-ass bug thread

Maybe not everyone likes bugs (I do) but I’m sure we have all seen some neat ones here. post some pics of really strange, pretty, ugly and just whack “bugs” you have seen here…pics too if you have them.

here are a few to start (excuse the water marks, old project) Any ID are welcome :slight_smile:

Some form of butterfly larvae, near Sandimen, Pingtung on gourd leaves

More caterpillars, all in Pingtung

Gasteracantha, Taidong

giant stick bug (latin escapes me) on green island


hermit crab, green island


N. pilipes

big ol hopper, Kenting

We have a small cabin in the mountains in Hsinchu county. There all kinds of bugs, spiders and snakes that patron our humble establishment. I am interested in these creatures, but not very knowledgeable… can anyone help to identify these:

This is one long legged long leg spider. here is a close up of the body:

And then, this looks like n bumblebee on steroids. Just want to know if they are related to the tiger hornet…?

Great pics!

Excellent … .thanks for the pics!

I came across the biggest f’off spider I’d ever seen on Sunday - tried to take a picture with my phone, but just came out a blurry mess. About the size of your hand with a cigar-shaped body, yellow markings down the back. He was sitting on a web three meters across. I scared him blundering into his web, and he dropped onto the ground and “threatened” me with two raised legs. Never seen anything like it and frankly hope I never do. I quite like spiders, but I wish they didn’t look like spiders.

If they’re anything like the spider pictured in the first post Finley, I do believe that they’re called Golden Orb Weavers. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what they are. I managed to find a Wiki link after seeing a whole ton of them in Maokong… but I may be wrong.

Also, to add in - these pictures are awesome! It’s cool to see what kind of creatures are lurking about.

First caterpillar in first post looks to be of the genus Parasa.

Coming back down from Nanhudashan (near Wuling farm) we saw what looked like gossamer netting hanging from a stone wall on the side of the road but it was in fact the webbing of dozens of golden orb spiders. Frontal and side views below:

spider web2 by Mucha Man, on Flickr

spider web3 by Mucha Man, on Flickr

Spider Web1 by Mucha Man, on Flickr

wow i have never seen such spider webs… i dont even recall them from any Nat Geo episode… and i watch a lot of Nat geo…

Whoa, sweet pics! I saw a bunch of Golden Orb Weavers on Guishandao last Sunday, but nothing like what Mucha Man captured so nicely.

Anyone have any centipede/millipede shots? I was shooting the city lights from the Fudekeng cemetery over the summer when I saw the hugest centipede I’ve ever seen. Scared the living daylights out of me.

This is Chondracris rosea:

[quote=“Pingdong”]big ol hopper, Kenting

Take off:

I have a millipede video somewhere. I’m sure I posted it on another thread. May be it was a different forum. I’ll try to dig it out.

Edit: Here we go:!

I know a lot of people tend to find them mundane or boring… but the snails in Taiwan are impressive as well (at least to me). We found one tonight with a 5 inch shell - at least. Coming from Colorado where the best we we get is tiny half inch (1cm ish) snails on the side walk, this is really cool to me. I’ll have to get a camera so I can take pictures next time I find one.

those snails are african land snails, can eat them too if you live somewhere clean. my avatar is one of them. there are some funky snails here for sure, i often see them when its wet so dont have a camera handy.

Chris, thanks a lot for those names, always nice to have a name for each face :slight_smile: the first caterpillar has been haunting me for about a year as i have no clue where to begin with its ID.

some more N. pilipes pics, pretty spiders seem comon north to south.

some other “daddy long legs”

[quote=“Mucha Man”]Coming back down from Nanhudashan (near Wuling farm) we saw what looked like gossamer netting hanging from a stone wall on the side of the road but it was in fact the webbing of dozens of golden orb spiders. Frontal and side views below:

spider web2 by Muzha Man, on Flickr

spider web3 by Muzha Man, on Flickr

Spider Web1 by Muzha Man, on Flickr[/quote]

Interesting, some spiders are social and that indeed appears to be what is happening here. I have only seen them with single webs previously.

Giant wood spiders aren’t social. What you are seeing is the result of weather conditions at the time of the eggs hatching. Usually, they spread out on fine gossamer threads and the wind takes them wherever. Sometimes, though, the conditions mean that they don’t get far and then they do what spiders do and build webs. I’ve seen it only once before, in Scotland, and it is a sight to see.

So this was probably my only chance of ever seeing such a thing. Glad we stopped.

I’ve posted this before but, hummingbird moths on Mazu Islands:

Hummingbird Moth by Mucha Man, on Flickr

Hummingbird Moth2 by Mucha Man, on Flickr

Sky cow:

Taiwan Flora & Fauna by Mucha Man, on Flickr

Love those hawk moths. I even have those daisy-type weeds on my patio to attract them.

It’s called Spanish Needle.