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Longhorn beetle in English! :sunglasses:


Longhorn beetle in English! :sunglasses:[/quote]

What is it in Thai, Indonesian, Moroccan, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Seediq and Atayal?


Longhorn beetle in English! :sunglasses:[/quote]

What is it in Thai, Indonesian, Moroccan, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Seediq and Atayal?[/quote]

Sry. I can’t help with that. I could only tell you the name in Old Norse and in ǃXóõ.


Cerambycidae. Latin still has it’s uses.

I think this example is the Asian Longhorn beetle, or Anoplophora glabripennis


Haha: that bug has got a smooth pennis.


thanks for that. I notice Nephila dont like to be social, but i have seen them a couple times forming things like muchas awesome pics. once just a couple weeks ago close to that bird park south of Taijong, forget the name. They may not be social, but those little red parasitic spiders on their webs sure seem to be. Do you happen to know which species those are?


Seeing is believing. Taiwanese scorpions.


Hmmm… almost looks like a Liocheles. Not dangerous.

I have never seen any scorps in taiwan.


yep, good call. It seems to be liocheles australasiae according to some people i have asked, and through reading some i am thinking the same. plus that sp. is said to be here by some people.

I hope it is as i have kept 2 for temporary pets (to confirm ID when larger) and they are said to be asexual…which is always fun to see.


I think that is australasiae.


wow, I found 11 today. all this time i have been in Taiwan never have even heard of them, then this month i am finding them all over! also found one “big” one of about 2.5-3cm.




I dont often bring the camera to the mountains as i dont want it broken. No trails and it rains a lot. i didnt bring anymore home, i am still keeping the same 2 so same as the pic above. As i manage to get better clear pics i will definitely post them of the ones I am keeping. The biggest i have foudn is about double the size of the photo. Which is much bigger, but still really small!


It’s a shame you don’t tend to take your camera out.
Have you come across any whip scorpions?


whip scorps, like vinegaroons? T. crucifer lives all over Taiwan and is VERY common. I find htem in my house even. My second through 4th year i spent breeding and studying them, they are very cool i think. I have some great pics of them, just need to dig them up.

i do take my camera out a lot, just not to this area because its rough, ai am collecting wood and carrying a lot and its rainy a lot of the time lately (when i found the scorps its always been drizzling). I will get more pics when i get some time to setup a real tripod shoot with the 2 I am keeping :slight_smile: they move around a lot though which makes macro a pain in the arse.


Yeah - vinegaroons are great but very strange creatures. I think they are fascinating because of their strange position between scorpion and spider. They are pretty common - I always find them when clearing out sheds and things like that.
Looking forward to more pics. :slight_smile:


some older pics of the T. crucifer i sued to breed

And some other “bugs” while im at it


Not sure what this is:

Maokong Hike Aug 2009 by Mucha Man, on Flickr


Did this guy just lose his best friend?

Daxi River Sep 09 by Mucha Man, on Flickr


Stag beetle:

North East Trail (17)_resize by Mucha Man, on Flickr