The COOL-ass bug thread


Do you know what is it?


A nasty ass red bug? Nope


I looked for red coleoptera taiwan and… I think it’s probably this one:

EDIT: sorry, this one (red legged):

Really weird distribution.


Don’t think so. Head really different, and yours has noticeable pincers, for one thing


ACtually I was thinking the same, but I thought that it could be explained by sexual dismorphism, but maybe I need to keep researching!


Could it be this one? Maybe the photographer can ID it.


Er… you forgot something :wink:


Cissites cephalotes


Ah, yes of course lol.


So cool looking!




Not exactly a bug, but…




So I buy these bed sheets on sale, right? They looked new, they smelled new. They come in a sealed plastic bag. Before washing them, I test them to see if they fit well on my bed or if I need to change them. Lo and behold, after putting them on, I see these little specks of what I thought was lint. Weird. Even weirder when the above mentioned lint started making its way along the bed.

Please note at this point that Auntie Peng just got her first pair of reading glasses.

To make the long story short, the bed sheets awere full of tiny crumb size spiders. Most of them met a watery end in the washing machine, but at least one managed to wake me up by trailing down my nose at 3am.




Not my own photo. I found one of these guys lurking in the compost a few weeks ago. He seemed a bit grumpy about being rooted out so I just covered him up again.

Apparently they’re not venomous, but I didn’t know that at the time.


You mean in your compost heap in Philippines, right?


Scorpions are technically arachnids, aren’t they? You could put this in the spidey thread. Heh, thread…like what spiders make…


oh, so there is a spider thread? I did ask about that.