The COOL-ass bug thread


Ah beipu beautiful part of the world.


Quick look shows it could have been a mantis nymph.


Did it cause a small quake when it fell from the sky? Must have felt like one of those plane crash scenes at the movies…

That thing lands next to me and they will hear me screaming in Timbuktu…


I like them. They’re funny. They don’t appear to be afraid of people and will just turn their heads and stare at you. I find it interesting that they actually have articulated necks. Most insects don’t seem to.


I only noticed because it made a thumping noise when it landed. I thought it was a branch or something that had fallen. I was pretty surprised that it was a mantis… I thought they would land elegantly without a sound.


You are thinking cats dear… well, most cats.


Saw this kallima butterfly…


Saw this bug today. It is a water stick-insect (ranatra), but in fact not a stick-insect. Pretty cool.


It seems to me like some type of whip scorpion.


There’s a thread for butterflies and moths, and for snakes, but not for other stuff (that I could find), so here’s one.

Conglomeration of box-elder bugs seen today. These bushes were full of them.


Thanks for posting this. I’ve been walking past these things for ages wondering what on earth they were!


Bug orgy… also known as borgy

This would be the place to post my cockroach portraits, right? :smiley:


the first time I saw those I was in Guam. It was at a cave by a secluded beach. I asked the Wildlife Refuge people there and she said she hadn’t seem them before and had only began seeing them a few years ago. I went online and searched, and apparently it’s a kind of soapberry bug, called Leptocoris augur (紅姬緣椿象). Leptocoris vicinus also looks very similar, but with a black rare.

In Taiwan they are a main stable of birds. They don’t attack or cause diseases. They like to swarm tree saps. They are indigenous to Taiwan. Don’t know if they got introduced to Guam recently…


[quote=“hannes”]Bug orgy… also known as borgy

This would be the place to post my cockroach portraits, right? :smiley:[/quote]

Correct. Don’t hold back.


I’m an avid geocacher (if you don’t know what that is: and often come eye-to-eye with creepy crawlies. Here are a couple I snapped photos of last week:


I thought so too, something like a vinegaroon. But then it fell into my pond and start swimming. I scooped it out and it played dead, legs and body in-line, like a stick insect. Thanks to google to id it.


one of those once landed on my neck… ON MY NECK!!!

These palm sized bugs are called citrus long-horned beetle, and they smell nothing like citrus… They are pretty to look at from afar though, as long as they are not on my neck.


the spider is a huntsman, Heteropoda genus. Probably NOT H. venatoria, a rather common one, as the coloration is a bit off. looks like an adult male, too.



I guess the birds won’t want to be eating that one