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Nasty-ass. This much nicer

This pretty pink flower is actually a mantis that strangles bugs


going for the “nicer” theme, got this in Yilan a few years back.


[quote=“hansioux”]I have not the tools, skills, or stomach to take such beautiful pictures of bugs… but here’s one

saw this little bugger on a trail in Nantou. it’s about 2 meters long, and at first I thought it was a twig. But then it started wiggling its head, if one can call it that, around.

I was frakking terrified…

After inquiring some knowledgeable peoples and googling, I’ve learnt it’s called a nematomorpha, aka gordiacea, aka horsehair worms, aka hair snake, aka gordian worms, or in Chinese 鐵線蟲 Iron wire worms. It’s a parasite.

Its parents lays eggs in water, and usually their young will live inside insects, often praying mantis, when they come to drink water. They will then grown inside its host, feeding off of it. When it gets old enough to mate, it will then produce some sort of poison, making its host desperate to get into water, then it will exist the host. Sometimes peacefully through the rear hole, sometimes they just rip open the host’s body. They then go lay eggs in the water so their young can feed on other hosts.

It can also live in human’s privates if you cross unclean water…

:s :astonished: man…[/quote]

Than one reminds me of the Korean movie Deranged:

You’re welcome.


Unfortunately I don’t have a photo, but if anyone can tell me what this bug was by my description that would be awesome.

I was having a shower and looked down and saw a long black thing that I thought was a clump of hair, aimed the shower nozzle at it to flush it down the drain and was terrified to see it move. It about the length of my little finger and about half as wide, pitch black with head that was wider than it’s body. The body tapered and got thinner from it’s head towards it’s tail. I think it had a segmented body and it had no legs, moving with it’s body wrigging in an up and down motion.

Not the best description but if anyone knows what it is, that would be great! I admit I panicked thinking it was a leech at first. I hate leeches, I’m usually a bug person but Mosquitoes and Leeches can go to hell.


Leech … where do you live, city or outside town? But leeches don’t have segmentation.

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Never seen one that big! Fits the description though. One that big would be pretty nasty looking. They’re not drain things though, they like dry places. Kinda doubt it.


silver fish is harmless, except for digging holes in your books. Even though they like dry places, I sometimes see them in the bathroom (maybe they are there because toilet paper tastes better than books)


Thanks for help but definitely not a silverfish. Mine had no legs or antennae. It’s head was pointed too, somewhat guitar pick shaped with no antennae. It also moved surprisingly fast.


I don’t think there are ANY things with a segmented body and no legs.


Except Worms :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh! Was thinking more three-segment segmented.


From your description (which is a bit vague, sorry), it could possibly be a firefly larva. The adult females of several Taiwan firefly species exhibit neoteny, which means that they fail to metamorphose into the flying adult form, and retain the shape of the larva. Some of these can get quite big, up to 5 cm. It’s easy to miss their legs if you look quickly.



Do they glow aswell?

How do they have sex?


They flash. mostly fireflies flash from the lower side of their last abdominal segment, whether in larval or adult shape. some have additional flashing parts, or glowing tips of segments. but the biggest flasher is the organ in the last body segment.

Sex is also done using the last abdominal segment: tail to tail joining of their sex organs, pretty much like all other insects.


Probably an extraterrestrial species on a reconnaissance mission … which thanks to you went through the drain.

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Used or unused? … I don’t have experience with eating or tasting toilet paper.

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Probably an extraterrestrial species on a reconnaissance mission … which thanks to you went through the drain.

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More absolute proof that Falun Dafa theories are correct , then


As seen on History Channel … they will return!

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