The Crowded Presidential 2024 Election Thread

The video is chilling. It’s like he’s in a play where he’s fighting the redcoats in wooden soliloquy.

And there are so many in the mix now, so let this be the free for all 2024 chicken dinner thread.

Link to the video.

I could not find the video on the AP link you posted, although I am a bit slow at times. Could you please drop a link here, if it is possible?

Thanks in advance.

Just a couple more. Hearing CC go off on Trump should be fun. It won’t help him but it should be vicious.

And Tim SCott, the hero of daytime TV.


Dems are going into panic mode, fun to watch.

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Yeah, I haven’t posted any of the things I’ve seen about West. I just can’t get through his Marxism homages, “my brother” kind of shit.

I do look forward to his leftist pressure on the prog-left liberals though. Something akin to , “Focus, class. Focus on class.”

I think he is more pro neo-Marxism as it relates to systemic class warfare than modern identity politics type tribalism, although I could be way off base. That’s a lot of words for a Sunday morning. :idunno:

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I really like West although would never vote for him if I were a Yank or agree with his politics—just think that he is very bright and like his calling out of fakes.

I like him because of his insults :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:…such as calling Obama a Rockefeller Republican in Blackface.
(55) Cornel West Calls Obama “A Rockefeller Republican in Blackface” - YouTube

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I like this too, but I see him as an academic that people with agendas want on tv. He’s the lefts Pat Robertson.

Yeah, if we can’t all do that then he shouldn’t either.

On a side note, the only place people have freedom of speech to say really anything on their mind, is in the movies and on tv. You just have to figure out whose voice it is.


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I watched an intervew with RFK Jr and quite liked the guy, not surprised he’s getting the censorship treatment. Have they called him Putins puppet yet?


His environmental policies worry me. I just remember him and his trust funders coming up and messing with the loggers on Vancouver Island.
British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest is under siege | The Seattle Times

I posted this article a while back, you might be interested

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Kennedy gets the stiff arm from big britches media.

Among the first priorities for American Values 2024 is to create a level playing field and force the Democratic National Committee to allow Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to debate President Joe Biden and other candidates.

That. Will. Not happen unless Trump is invited.

I don’t agree with much of what RFK Jr. has to say but censoring his speech is wrong. Like the freedom of masking debate though his own concept of freedom of speech leaves something to be desired:

“ He will bring back free speech, make our southern border impervious, end the forever wars, outlaw big pharma advertising, . . . “

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Predicting now they’ll use the same tactic (no debates) on Trump, if they actually run Biden.

An independent third candidate approach will require an ironclad moderate/centrist platform that tracks what both parties’ voters consistently say they want – lower deficits and inflation, border security combined with a welcome mat for lawful immigrants, progress vs. climate change while maintaining energy security, lower violent crime, a solvent Social Security system, and so on. The right platform will reward an Independent with a serious hearing from independents and moderate party members alike.

The Purple Presidency 2024: How Voters Can Reclaim the White House