The Donald J. Orangeman Possible Future Legal Trouble Thread

Tough one. Who do you think started it?

If Comey and the crowd that went after Trump because they wanted to use oppo research by Hillary Clinton (which they all knew was bogus the entire time) is a guide, nothing happens to corrupt prosecutors.

Besides, I don’t think the indictments coming are a surprise to anyone following along, he has about 4 other cases in addition to the Stormy Daniels hush money payment case, I’m expecting indictments in most if not all of them.

McCarthy is likely speaking out as I guess that was some sort of deal with Trump to get him to back McCarthy earlier on but doubt he really gives a rats ass what happens to Trump.

No, but McCarthy going after the DAs caught me by surprise

Got to pretend like he cares, Romney, Bush, Cheney and the rest of the establishment Republicans will come out telling everyone to respect the legal process and they will be hailed as the moderate sensible Republicans as usual.

Anyone defending Trump will be labeled an extremist. It’s how the game is played I have no doubt they have game planned this all out, from the timing to whatever they expect to happen.

Only variable I see is how much do they want to humiliate Trump in the process. A 6am raid by S.W.A.T like they did with Roger Stone with CNN given advance notice so they can televise the arrest seems a bit much, but booking him in and taking fingerprints like a common criminal seems on the cards. I guess we will have a selection of Trump mug shots soon.

Doesn’t help that so many of his defenders are so extreme


MTG and Gaetz types? Yeah, I’m no fan of either, Trump is calling on his supporters to protest, because that worked out so well for them the last time they tried that.

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I hope they take him outside in his underwear.

Why do you hate America?

Is Trump equal to America? :thinking:

No need to assume motivation here. There could be all sorts of reasons someone wants this. Not really any of our business :whistle:

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Think of the children!

As American as taco bowl.

If Trump does time it’s going to be for making an illegal contribution to his own campaign.

It is illegal to make an unreported donation of more than $2,700 to a candidate in a general election.

I’m just glad the US legal system is doing such a rigorous job of holding US politicians accountable for their crimes. I hope there’s enough jail cells to hold them all though.

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You can watch Hunter Biden vids where he smokes crack in his Y-fronts while you are waiting.

The witch-hunt continues.
The holier than thou that will throw stones in glass houses as always prove how corrupt the system is.
Rules for thee and not for me.

What’s interesting is if Trump goes to jail it will be for violating New York state campaign financing laws, not federal law, as the Justice Department passed on bringing charges against him. How’s that for vigilant law enforcement?

Hunter Biden is a former president of the United States?

So, it finally happened…

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As if Trump is going to be hauled off like that.

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Were you expecting this? :sweat_smile: