The dystopia that is China

I think we could use a thread to post crazy dystopian news/videos about China.
I’ll start with this one just posted by Snowden.

How can anyone defend this system?


We have a Wack things in China thread. Why not just post there? I mean…that torture is pretty wack

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Skeptical here. Why would this video be made and see the light of day? Do the police in China actually haul people in just for making comments about the police on Wechat? Don’t they have a “social credit system” for that kind of thing? How did we come by an edited video precisely of the police harassing a guy for insulting the police? (not saying there aren’t good answers for all these questions, but I didn’t find any in a quick look)


Careful. The CCP has a surprising number of fans on this board.

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That was my first thought. OK, it’s China, and it’s hardly a bastion of freedom and enlightenment, but I’m slightly wary of stuff like this that pops up on the internet.

If it’s real, I reckon they should have just given him two lights for “yes” and “no” :slight_smile:



Yeah, I’d believe it more if they were smashing his kneecaps and cursing his mother or something.

I don’t believe half of the anti-China stuff, especially from the BBC.

This doesn’t make any sense - why is there a link to the Financial Times website in the “plea for help” message?

The video appears to have come from this tweet that was posted over a year ago. It could go back farther - that’s as far as I want to try and track it.

I believe it. They link to another tragic story that was the real deal also.

BBC News - ‘The SOS in my Halloween decorations’


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By the way you will hear some Chinese say that this is not widespread or a big deal yet. However I happen to know a lawyer in Shenzhen who said it’s started to be applied there for at least a couple of years already. It is being rolled out across their vast country.
The social credit system has some pluses (rewarding more courteous behaviour perhaps) but overall it looks like it could make pariahs of anybody that is difficult or troublesome for neighbours or officials…And if local officials can determine the score its highly open to abuse. The biggest problem is that it would affect the whole family, if the father or mother get a bad score their ability to earn and the ability of their kids to gain access to services will be severely affected and that could surely create another kind of underclass.


Is there any positive (to your perception) things in Mainland China that Taiwan or the rest of the world doesn’t have?

I realise this is a Taiwan forum and therefore everyone is automatically anti-CCP but a bit of unbiased assessment would be interesting :slight_smile:

Let’s not argue about what people consider positive or not. It’s their opinion.


Nanjing is a cool city. Shanghai has a great series of art galleries built in warehouses and graf all over.

People there are very candid with their opinions and its a bit easier to strike up conversations about ‘real’ issues

Food is more flavorful in China than TW imo.



Also it’s a massive country , I’ve only seen a bit of it (even though I’ve visited most major cities ) but some truly stunning places especially towards the Western part. I also saw just a bit of nanjing I thought it looked amazing with the huge lake in the middle.


China has revitalised itself in an incredible way . That’s been very interesting to see.

Anything else unique …I struggle, maybe because I don’t live here and we have a lot of that stuff in Taiwan anyway e.g. taiqi , old people in parks playing Chinese chess , aboriginal tribes etc.

Maybe their desert…But I’ve never been there.


That’s pretty much the only thing it has going for it imo. Unless we are going to count small things like river x, mountain y or bullet trains as positives.


People used to say China had a lot of cute women ? I like some of the tomboy girls in China. Cos it has a large migrant population bit more get up and go there.

Unfortunately nationalism and politics has really polluted a lot of interactions.

Oh yes I also liked they don’t speak English as much…But some big cities they do the same like Taiwan…

Artistically and creatively I find it a dead zone. Fair or unfair, you tell me.


No, absolutely fair enough. It’s your opinion, I appreciate your view, cheers.

I saw a thing on BBC the other day about Harbin Ice Festival, it looked pretty awesome! That China-Russia border area interests me, I expect it to be vastly different to the West.

Heard good things about the North, and Yangshuo and all that has been on my visit list for some time.

I duno if the ethos of the people will be like compared to Taiwan or anywhere else, but guess I’ll find out. Going to Shanghai later in the year with work. I will probably not mention my time in Taiwan :yum:

I’ve found China to be more of a roller coaster than any other place I lived. Both good and bad in greater proportions.

Best food you ever had, and food that put you out of action etc etc