The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

No, that’s not the expectation whatsoever. It’s fine to enter Taiwan without a job or residence established before hand. “However, you must provide a residential address within 30 days of arriving in Taiwan.” I think you will be fined should you fail to do so. Getting a Gold Card isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, the Government however expects people with Gold Cards to settle in the country.

ohh. Can I provide my friend’s address temporarily or is there a required proof of residence?

Your friend can create a letter stating that he lets you live there - then you should be able to use that one as the requested proof of address.

After 3 long weeks dealing with TECO, the status is showing a status :“Review by the National Immigration Agency”. And it has been like that for 10 days. Does anyone know what this means?

Can anyone recommend a good quarantine hotel? Something reasonably priced like below 3000 TWD with a window that can be opened? And clean.


See these threads for recommendations:

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Trying to apply visitor visa. Anybody have idea about getting a air ticket for proof. Hopefully refundable since TECO is taking a long time processing visas.

supplied another document 2 weeks ago to prove that I am within one of the category, which orignally they thought I should belong in addition to Economy thus the Special Review.

Anyway has been told that it is only pending that department to approve but again it has been another 2 weeks

Hi everyone! I’m new here and hoping to apply for the gold card. I am a realtor back home and have been doing real estate for the last 10 years. However I am not sure which category to file for the gold card under. I definitely pass the income requirement but I am unable to tell which “real estate” falls into. Anyone has any idea??

It is not a certainty that there is a pathway for you. Just want you to realize that…the gold card does not provide a pathway for anyone just because they meet the income requirement. (it used to, but they changed the process about a year ago to close that loophole)

That said, maybe you can try to present yourself in a way that works. Perhaps something within the finance industry if you were helping to manage investment? I don’t know, just a thought. I have a friend who was approved recently who worked in real estate, but he is a mortgage lender.

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I see. So I should try to present myself under finance or economy when I file? That is the part I am confused about. If anyone has any attorneys to recommend please send them my way. Cheers!

Like @projectmaximus said, it’s not a given that you fall under any category (despite the salary).

I’m not very familiar with the finance or economy categories, but if you’ve looked at the criteria carefully and don’t see a way to wrangle your background/qualifications into what they’re asking for, you might need to look at other options.

I doubt you need an attorney or agent tbh. I don’t think they’d be able to do much you can’t do yourself. The process isn’t that difficult (if you meet the criteria).

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I work in IT for a finance related company, and was told to apply under finance and not Science and Technology. Weird, but it is what it is, and yes they gave me a gold card.

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Oh, who told you to apply under finance? Like does it help to email them directly?

Can’t remember the name of the department. Basically I initially applied under Science and Tech, and a couple of weeks later, I received an email telling me to adjust my application i.e. “We think you should apply under the Finance category …”. I then went to the Gold Card website and did what they suggested, and that’s it. By the way, you don’t have to pay a second time if your application is still being processed and they tell you to change the Category.

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Wow the fact you got an email to tell you to change category is pretty positive. Did anyone else here got rejected?

My mom applied for the gold card and was asked for some proof of loss of Chinese (PRC) nationality since she used to be a PRC citizen. My dad also used to be a PRC citizen but was never asked for any proof of loss of nationality when he applied for the gold card. Not sure why they’re asking my mom…

Anyways, they want one of these documents:

  • Original certification of non-establishment of Mainland household registration verified by the Straits Exchange Foundation.
  • Original notarial certification of cancellation of Mainland household registration verified by the Straits Exchange Foundation.
  • Documentary proof sufficient to prove renunciation of ID as a People of the Mainland Area, verified by an ROC (Taiwan)embassy or overseas mission.

We have no idea about how to get any of these documents. Does anyone know where we should start?

Can we just tell them that under Chinese law, acquisition of another nationality automatically revokes your Chinese nationality?

Any advice?


We want to try to get the third type document, since it can be done outside of Taiwan at an embassy / TECO office. It seems like the Straits Exchange Foundation only operates in Taiwan, so the first two options are not possible for us (currently outside of Taiwan).


Oh yes, are letters of recommendation necessary? I just watched a youtube video on how this youtuber got his gold card. Just wondering if income supporting docs + CV + cover letter is enough? Do you guys need to write about how you can contribute etc?

I haven’t heard of “letters of recommendation” yet in relation to the GC.

Which area will you apply for? Maybe in some areas it might help…

Planning to apply through finance. However I am unable to get letters of recommendation in my field as I am self employed. Did anyone else submit letters of recommendation as well?