The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

For me it was a good sign (but different ministry).

23.04 Application
23.04 Review by the National Immigration Agency
26.04 Review by the Workforce Development Agency
11.05 Consulting with Ministry of Science and Technology
17.05 Review by the Workforce Development Agency
20.05 Passport Inspection at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or Overseas Missions of R.O.C. (Taiwan)

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thanks for the info, I hope Its a good sign than :slight_smile:

Has anyone tried an immigration lawyer/agent for this process? Are the odds better?

I’m currently in the phase of collecting documents so I can later apply for the GC. I recently quit my job here in Taiwan (I need an employer-sponsored ARC for my stay here) and because of that, I extended my ARC for 6 months (I can do this twice).

As I’m collecting the documents and since my job is related to design, I figured that people can easily fake work experience documents or even tax/bank statements from different countries. What are the criteria for this and who is checking for the legitimacy of the documents? I’m honestly worried if people try to abuse this.

I have no idea, sorry. Good luck to you!

Got my Gold Card approved today finally, so just the passport check now , Thanks :slight_smile:

For anyone who might be applying , the whole process took 64 days for me to get to this point from the day I applied.


Having a hard time with Los Angeles TECO!

I sent in my passport for Authentication to LA TECO and they received my mail on April 26, 2022. Received my ARC entry permit to download on June 6, 2022. Now the problem is they ARE NOT sending me my Passport back. I finally got in touch with Miss Won at LA TECO today. After calling for 2 weeks. Gave her my phone number, name, and gold card number. She said she will tell the other department about it.

Mysteriously 2 hours ago I get a text message on my phone saying, “Your goldcard is Ready, please come to our office to pick up during office hour 14:00-16:00. TECOLA”. Tried calling the number back and it was a Google Voice phone number…

What does this mean? I thought Gold Cards are to be picked up in Taiwan? Is this text message accurate, are Gold Cards picked up locally again? Any advice what to do? Should I go there in person and just demand my passport back? Should I wait a few days and call back again?

The entire Gold Card process has been easy. The verification seems like the hardest part!

sorry that sounds pretty frustrating. No they aren’t mailing gold cards out so I can’t imagine that yours is ready for pickup. Have you received the download email for the resident authorization form? That should arrive before any gold card comes in the mail…

Yes as stated above got my entry permit downloadable on June 6th. It’s an ARC entry document that states on the bottom that I need to pick up my gold card within 30 days of entering Taiwan.

I just want my passport back. Not sure if they mistaken Gold Card as my passport to pick up in the text message. I even included a postage paid envelope with tracking for them to send me my passport back.

Having trouble with Taiwan repre office , called to tell them Im gonna come to get my passport verification, and they told me they never heard of Taiwan Gold Card and have no means to do what I need to be done, does anyone know how the repre office lets the gold card office know that ,yes this chick has been verified , ? is it just a call to (somewhere) or what goes on behind the scenes ? Thank you

That sounds terrible!

Based on your name I guess you might be doing passport inspection in Slovakia, so my suggestion would be to email and cc the team in Taipei If that doesn’t work, the Gold Card helpdesk.

I mailed them and called them, looks like I’m the first Slovak person to get the Gold Card. Yay for me :sweat_smile: now I have to be the lab rat of the process
thank you I will contact let’s see


Does anybody know how long it takes from successfully completing the identity check at the Taipei Representative Office to receiving the certificate allowing you to go to Taiwan?

It was asked before and no, it wouldn’t change anything.

A good business idea though :rofl: :rofl:

But my experience (in real estate) does not fall into economy or finance :frowning:

I remember someone posting in this thread saying that they‘re working as an advisor for gold card application who would actually call the agencies and discuss specific applications with them. Not sure about their success rate, though.

What you could always try is applying under some category and then waiting for the response. If you’re lucky, they will tell you something like „Category X doesn’t fit, please apply under category Y instead“. But be prepared for a really long process…

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hello, when one picks up his or her gold card in Taiwan, does he/she need to provide proof of address?

Having an agent (which I don’t think even exists for the Gold Card yet) won’t change things. There are no “secret” channels within the government that they can use to smoothen up the process for your case. If you are eligible, you will get your Gold Card with or without an intermediary. The process has been designed to be done entirely online by the applicant him/herself.

But back to your situation, thanks for explaining why you thought that an agent would help. Until last year, Economy was the category that people who would not fit any could use to apply just based on their salary. If I’m not wrong, this channel (I don’t like the word “loophole” used by others here) was then replaced by a “special category” where the applicant’s details are directly assessed by NDA.

Maybe someone can step in on this. I don’t know much about it.

The NIA branch where you collect your Gold Card is just an intermediary. They will get your signature and give you the card. No questions asked. Once you have a valid address, you will have to request for an address change (same procedure as for adding your new address for the first time) on the Gold Card platform and, once the card has been delivered to your nearest NIA branch, collect it like you did the first time. Again, no questions asked.


Thank you.