The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

The other recent one went through fairly easily.
I don’t see anything very controversial here. They kept the minimum payment 47k/mth and linked it to 500 ‘best universities’ so I don’t see what the problem is from local perspective.
May be a bit of bitching and moaning especially about the tax reduction for 3 years but nothing that will kabosh it as it is a DPP supported bill I hope.

I’d read something that it would be extended from 23 to 26 where children they would have to get an independent ARC.
And if I’m correct the spouse getting work rights is allowed as long as the spouse is earning less than the principal ARC holder…something like that.

Eliminating the 183 day physical presence requirement would be a very positive change, though.

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There would be many positive changes with this proposal. Let’s hope this happens!


This surprises me. A visa to seek work. Basically you can live in Taiwan for a year without leaving!

also allows foreign nationals to enter Taiwan on a job-seeking visa that will be valid for six months instead of three and will be extendable for another six months without the holder having to leave the country.

This draft law applies to three categories of foreigners, and not every provision applies to every category.

  • 外國專業人才:指得在我國從事專業工作之外國人。Unofficial translation: “professional foreign talent” :slight_smile:
  • 外國特定專業人才:指前款外國專業人才中具有中央目的事業主管機關公告之我國所需科技、經濟、教育、文化、藝術、體育及其他領域之特殊專長者。Unofficial translation: “special professional foreign talent” :astonished: in various industries that the government deems important
  • 外國高級專業人才:指入出國及移民法第二十五條第三項第二款所定為我國所需之高級專業人才。Unofficial translation: “high level professional foreign talent” (apparently the “outstanding foreigners” :notworthy: of other recent discussions) in accordance with the Immigration Act Art. 25 Par. 3 Subpar. 2

They only want “white collar” workers i.e. Employment Service Act Art. 46 Par. 1 Subpar. 1 to 6, plus buxiban teachers beyond the scope of Subpar. 4 (i.e. not just language teachers).

Other selected highlights:

  • The MOE will handle work permits for teachers (but only non-buxiban teachers, apparently).

  • For the tax relief discussed above, you will need to be at least “special” (but not outstanding) to benefit.

  • Spouses and minor children of “outstanding foreigners” with APRC’s will be able to apply for APRC’s.

  • You won’t need to be special or outstanding to be covered by the Labor Pension Act (the “new system”) once you become a PR.

  • Public school teachers (or at least the ones who qualify as “staff members”) will be subject to the Statute Governing the Retirement of School Faculty and Staff.

  • You won’t need to be “special” to qualify for instant NHI for you and your family.

  • “Long-term” internships will be available to students and those who have graduated within the last two years.

  • HK & Macau residents will also be included.

And the really interesting part, Art. 8 of the draft:





Summary: “special” foreign talent will be able to apply to the NIA for the 4-in-1 employment gold card (四證合一之就業金卡). The NIA will consult the MOL and MOFA, and the restrictions of Employment Service Act Art. 43 and Art. 53 Par. 1 will not apply.

The gold card will be valid for 1 to 3 years and be renewable. The regulations for the application and approval process, the renewal conditions, application fee and other relevant matters will be set by the MOI in consultation with the MOL and MOFA.

And here’s the explanation of Par. 1:

外國特定專業人才擬在我 一、依就業服務法第四十三條規定「除本法另有規定外,外國人未經雇主申請許可,不得在中華民國境內工作。」另第五十三條第一項規定「雇主聘僱之外國人於聘僱許可有效期間內,如需轉換雇主或受聘僱於二以上之雇主者,應由新雇主申請許可。申請轉換雇主時,新雇主應檢附受聘僱外國人之離職證明文件。」為吸引外國特定專業人才,解決其申請聘僱許可不易,轉換工作困難,無法兼職,舉凡擔任民間部門有酬勞之短期顧問、技術指導,甚至講座都必須逐案申請聘僱許可,甚為不便等問題,爰參考新加坡個人化就業准證(PEP)制度,於第一項明定擬在我國從事專業工作之外國特定專業人才,得向內政部移民署申請核發具工作許可、居留簽證、外僑居留證及重入國許可四證合一之就業金卡。另因工作許可及居留簽證係屬勞動部及外交部權責,爰規定內政部移民署許可核發就業金卡前,應會同勞動部及外交部審查,不受就業服務法第四十三條及第五十三條第一項規定之限制。

Summary: they’ve realized the work permit system is crappy, but instead of redesigning it, they just want to let “special” foreigners be exempted, after seeing how the Personalised Employment Pass system works in Singapore.

Singapore’s PEP is more restrictive than the proposed gold card. For example, it’s non-renewable, and freelance work (or at least the intention to perform freelance work) is forbidden. The above explanation implies that freelance work will be permitted for gold card holders, but we’ll need to see the MOI’s gold card rules (not included in the draft) to be sure.


Nice informative write-up!

Oh golly gosh I can’t keep up with how many special types of foreigners there are now.

I must remember to bring it up at the next embassy soirée.

He got it:

Yves Moal, a French Catholic priest known by his Chinese name Liu Yi-feng (劉一峰), receives his Republic of China identification card on Thursday after living and working in Taiwan for more than 51 years.

Me? 30 more years to go…

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Better eat healthy and get plenty of exercise!

We have the centenarian gene in our family. However, it has become an interesting experiment to wait and see if this unhealthy environment will have any effect on my lifespan. They are really pushing it with all the interesting food, air quality, etc. :noway:

I got a loan. 40% down (New Taipei City and the snobs in Taipei insisted). This was many years ago when the prices were more realistic. No expat package. No big salary. At the time, easier than a credit card. Used personal contacts, but nothing too special. A friend of my friend worked at a bank in the loan department. All in my name. No cosigner or anything.

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Congratulations on making that work. I’ve heard so many stories about foreigners getting turned down for loans. I paid cash because my apartment wasn’t that expensive (this was back when Danshui was really cheap). Also, I didn’t want to be in a long-term relationship with a bank.

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I asked the bank here, home loans are easier than a credit card for foreigners, you don’t need any cosigner. If you don’t pay they got your house so no risk for them.

Ask for a car loan however… No way foreigner

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Probably no way foreigner without local guarantor. I might test that in future

Here’s a familiar headline.

But the focus is on foreign interns and whether or not the LY should assume they’re going to flood in and spoil the job market, and the article would have us believe there’s nothing to worry about.

For one, interns can only be employed in certain sectors and, as the Ministry of Labor has said, the small number of interns will have a minuscule effect on the nation’s employment rate.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Karen Yu (余宛如) has said that, under current regulations, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — prior to starting up his social media platform — would not have made it in.

That comment made me laugh. Zuckerberg would have been considered peasant scum – no degree! :noway:

Former Sunflower movement leader Chen Wei-ting (陳為廷) questioned this logic on Facebook, saying that there would be other options for talented individuals to legally enter the nation.

Overseas workers are avoiding Taiwan because of long-stagnant salaries and concerns about being treated as slaves.

Hopefully the “gold card” rules will find the right balance between opening up the economy and not lowering standards too much.

Speaking of which, one of the clearest indications that Big Apple has passed its prime is that anyone with Steve Jobs qualifications would never get hired there today because of its corporatist hiring qualifications.

Yep, I had to have a guarantor for my car loan.

This is all terribly off the main topic, but I got a car loan without a guarantor. There wasn’t even a moment they suggested it would be an issue. I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about my circumstances that’d get me special treatment either.

Out of curiosity, which bank did you go through?