The GAME CLUB oh yeah!

Since my original post about taichi soccer and chess has done it’s job it’s time for a new creation.

If you haven’t read that post (taichi soc…) some people that were interested in chess got together a few times to play. The last time we met we talked about playing other games as well (what a novel idea).

The game most people were interested in was backgammon. I want to try to organize a meeting every 2 weeks or so. Any questions or comments?

For people who are interested, but don’t want to meet and say “Hi, my name is Maoman from segue. Can I play?”. Feel free to stop by anonymously and let me crush you in a game of…

connect four. :smiley:

PM, post OR email questions or comments.

For the chess players, I’ll be interested in playing every Sunday around 3. I’ll have my 399NT chess set from Toy R Us ready… You choose the color :sunglasses: .

In many cities 'round the world, old farts will set up outdoor chess sets in public parks and compete with those who are inclined. As an example, there’s always some crusty old dudes playing MaZhong behind Taipei Visa Police HQ in Hsimenting.

Now I’m not suggesting that you might be old or crusty, but I’d certainly be interested in a casual game if there was something setup in Ta-An Park or IT Park, for example.

Maybe someone already knows of something in one of Tapei’s parks.


The Big Babou

CHESS SUNDAY 3:00 Next door to Grandma Nittys

Babou: we discussed that before and it seems unlikely that there are any regular public western chess games in Taiwan except for what we’ve got going. Chinese chess sure, but western chess is very rare here.

But we’ve been having a good time with our group. On several occassions we’ve had about 10 people, male and female, foreigner and Taiwanren, for chess and conversation. We’ve fallen into a pattern of Sunday at 3 at a teahouse next door to GN in Shida (either Gemini or Pisces, I forget). They’re nice to us there, allow us to take lots of tables and stay for hours.

Milltown and I will be there this Sunday. Hopefully the others will also attend. And, as Milltown pointed out we may expand to include backgammon and chinese chess also. Hope you can make it. Any other newcomers are also welcome. :smiley:

Backgammon??? Come on mate, let’s have some Saturday arvo sippers over a strategic game of risk. I’ve got the board, but whose gunna bring the piss?

Gao Li Tsai,

is it the same place, we have already gone to these past few weeks (the one with tatami mats on the 2nd floor? In any case give me a call.


Yes, I think that would be best. It worked well before, those who showed up previously know where it is, and any newcomers should be able to find it easily.

Speaking of newcomers, I hope Babou and Haze can join us this time. Amos: Risk sounds like fun too . . . for those who can’t handle the challenge of chess :wink:. Seriously, I think a few of us have a serious need for a chess fix. But if you’ve got a Risk board I’m sure that would also be popular. I don’t know how much time people have to play games (we usually go for about 3 hrs on Sun), but maybe your Saturday suggestion makes sense. We should discuss that further. Come on over on Sunday.

Enjoy the games guys. I’ll be taking a break for a while and spending some time with my girlfriend. Maybe see you in a few weeks. Have fun!!

Gao, might sneak over. The risk is unfortunately at my buxiban. Due to getting married next Saturday and then a 3 week honeymoon back home, we might have to wait a while before I can bring risk in. Ah stuff it, I’ll head into school now and see if they’re still open…Just called, they’re not open. Might head over tomorrow anyway. Cheers Amos.

Great. Hope to see you there. And congrats on the upcoming marriage . . . one can’t always be living for pleasure. Just kidding. Marriage is a great institution, but I’m just not ready for an institution yet. I heard Holger was married by a judge . . . he told me later he should’ve asked for a jury. You know what Oscar Wilde said, “Bigamy is having one wife too many; monogomy is the same.” :laughing: See you tomorrow.

Oscar was Wilde, Thorton was wilder. I’m not into Bigamy nor Poligamy, but Serial monogamy seems to be a good choice:)


anton xie

How about a game of Scrabble offline everybody?
I have a board version and card version.
I’m a scrabble afficionado:)



We had a nice little meeting today.

For those of you that don’t know where this place is click HERE and fill in this information:

No. [8]
Alley [Leave Blank]
Lane [93]
Rd. & St. [shida]
City & County Taipei City

Then you should get a nice little map that you can ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT and other neat tricks to help you find it. The address I gave you is actually for grandma nitti’s. The place we meet is next door (east). This place does seem to give a nice chess playing atmosphere.

My record for today was 0-3 (that means I lost three times) :cry:

But I had a good time :smiley:

About those other games mentioned.

I think it would be a great idea to play risk, scrabble or any other game that challenges me mind. It just seems like those games are better played at someones house whilst watching a movie and sipping a Taiwan Beer.

I could be wrong though. If there is a great enough interest, it’ll happen.

I’ll be there tomorrow at 3.

Just a heads-up.

I’ll be there too.

I have visitors again (as I had last week), so we might do a day trip tomorrow (and we’ll probably spend next weekend somewhere else than Taipei). But if we are in Taipei tomorrow, we’ll join you.

See you there (and could somebody please bring a backgammon board :wink: )



at the teahouse/cafe, just one door to the east from Grandma Nittys in Shida. We have a core group of regulars, but newcomers are always welcome of all, or no, chess ability. Roughly three hours of tea and conversation (no flaming), and hopefully someone will bring a backgammon board in case Iris shows up.

See you there. :smiley:

Wow, MT, thanks :smiley:

Sorry, won’t make it this week, we’ll spend the weekend out of Taipei.

My sister brought me a game collection box including chess and backgammon, so I would bring my own set (small and cheap sets, though, and hopefully, my kitten hasn’t hidden all the dice by then).

Have fun and see you next week (hopefully!)

I’d love to come (since my Sundays are invariably in need of life & excitment), but have a very limited chess ability. I won the first game I ever played, and then subsequently lost all games thereafter. Don’t know how I managed that, but I did.

Since my lack of ability to play board games astounds even my blind, deaf, senile, incontinent grandfather, can I bring ‘Hungry-Hippos’? Or perhaps Chinese checkers… :smiley:

I’ll be there, but a bit after 3. Gonna wait for someone to get off of work first.