The GAME CLUB oh yeah!

How was the chess session? How many were you?

My visitor’s marathon is finally over, I have my life back (but it was so nice to have all of them here :smiley: ), and I’ll be there next sunday (unless I haven’t caught up on all the sleep yet and don’t manage to get up before 14.45 :wink: ).

See you folks there

Is anyone interested in playing scrabble?
I have a board:)

anton xie

Iris: just four of us but we had a good time. Hope to see you next week.

Anton: I like scrabble. When? Where? Sunday at the chess place? I feel like a traitor saying that because the chess has been a lot of fun, is addictive, I don’t want to disrupt that good thing and hopefully it will continue regularly for some time. But maybe we could play scrabble before, or maybe instead for some, or maybe some other time. I don’t know. Is anyone else interested in scrabble?

Mother Theresa: Sure chess is fun but so are scrabble, backgammon, risk etc. I think it would be a good idea if someone (particularly non-chess players) wants to bring along different games. To keep the sunday sessions going and lively a few more faces have got to be welcome :smiley:

Any game and any one is welcome to join. It’s not like we’re holding this at someones house or some private club. Just make sure there are enough people to play any game your interested in. The nice thing about chess is only 2 people need to show up to have a good game.

I’ll play srabble with you Anton. Can you make it on Sunday?

50 up

Anyone up for some Sunday afternoon excitement? :smiley:

Chess, scrabble, backgammon, risk, humpin’ hippos? What’ll it be? :?

I’ll be dare.

CHESS SUNDAY 3:00 (or Scrabble, Backgammon, etc.) :smiley:

at the regular location, the teahouse/cafe one door to the east from Grandma Nittys in Shida. We’ve had a core group of regulars every Sunday, but we’re always happy to see new faces. . . and a few of the old ones.

Sir Donald/Chessman: we’ve missed you lately; hope you can make it.

Anton/Alleycat: I’m sure there will be four for scrabble if you can make it.

Amos/Salmon: if you’re back in town, come on by.

Babou/Haze/LazyMF: give it a try, we’ve got a good group.

Anyone else is welcome too. Bring your desired game if you have one, but if not don’t worry, we’ll probably have enough boards for all.

Busy every Sunday for a few weeks with my new house, but hope to be back before Christmas. trying to figure out Chinese chess, so I’ll bring a board next time and see if anyone’s keen to play.


Will really try to make it. Just bought Cluedo back from Aus, so if I make it dunno whether to bring that or Risk, or Monopoly, or Pay Day. Am only good til 5 though. Amos.

PS: for those intersred, apart from the occasional Sat arvo game of tennis, have got the GM cricket bat here with stumps, as well as the TW Sherrin. Personal message is always on. Cheers Amos.

Thanks guys. That was a lot of fun. Once again we had about 10 people, including a few new faces and some of the old ones. Amos brought Cluedo, which Iris won, while others played chess. Maybe Risk or Scrabble next week.

Cheers. :smiley:

Just a lucky stroke :blush: :blush:

How come I once again was the only woman there? Not that I didn’t like it :wink: but, girls, these guys are really nice!

Sorry, won’t be able to make it next week!


The game club still meets every Sunday at the same game club time and same game club place. This past Sunday I didn’t even play chess, but I did learn Chinese chess and Backgammon (spl?).

Why can’t I rate this thread? :x

It deserves a 5 :smiley:


SUNDAY 3:00 Next door to Gramma Nittis

Anton: come on over with your scrabble board if you’ve got the time.

Everyone else: see you there. :smiley:

I’m sorry. I couldn’t make it this Sunday. I can only be available this Saturday.

I’m leaving for HK and Shenzhen for an 8 day trip this Sunday afternoon. So If I want to join you guys it would be next two weeks.

I’ll bring the cards and the board. If more people comes, we can play squabble, sort of like Yahoo!Wordrace. I still have another wordgame from Webster, it’s called the Word Madness. Wanna try? I’ve read the instructions and kinda figured out how it’s played:)


PS. I would really prefer Saturday:)

I should be right for Sunday (should be). If I make it, I’ll bring Risk this time. Cheers Amos.

Let’s letting those of you that go know someone will be there (me).

To keep everybody posted :wink: : it was five of us today, so we had one game of chess, two of backgammon and two of three-dimensional tic-tac-toe between Sir Donald Bradman and Miltonwkid, great fun to watch.

Alleycat, Amos and all the other ones: we missed you. Some of us (I :wink:) will probably turn up next week as well, so whoever wants to join, Sunday three o’clock at Shuangyu next to Grandma Nitti’s. You don’t even have to play anything, if you just need some socializing or want to talk, you’re always welcome. However, with the growing variety of games, it shouldn’t be hard to find something you’re interested in.

Hope to see you

Iris, thanks for the update. Got stuck in a traffic jam coming back from Taichung, so couldn’t make it unfortunately. Next week is the Star Cruise, so might have to wait until the one after that. Cheers, Amos.