The Gen Michael Flynn case

I will include major inflection points below and will add links if asked.

Served under Obama as DNI, got fired after being outspoken on differences in the middle east.

Got spied on and set up for the first time by now known asset Stefan Halper in 2014 see here

Most likely got spied on again when the Obama administration was spying on everyone, it was shut down in March 2016 and is assumed that Obama spied on everyone with impunity prior to said date. see here judge Rosemary Collyers ruling.

Targeted for spying again in August of 2016 by Obama intel, seems the FBI initiated an investigation into 3 Trump associates, but not Flynn, only for the deep state to do a scramble to have Mike Flynns name added. I’ll add links later but this one was absurd.

FBI wanted to close that on Jan 4th 2007, but upper management wanted to target him again for a Logan Act violation!

After targeting him for a Logan Act violation and breaking every FBI procedure, agents determined he was not lying and briefed everyone as such.

Mueller is initiated on a false pretense of a dossier they already know is garbage, they alter the interview notes on Flynn to say he lied while at the same time “losing” the originals.

3 years later most of the originals have been found exonerating Flynn, just the original 302 is outstanding.

The judge in Michael Flynn’s criminal case is refusing to accept the results of a federal appeals court three-judge decision ordering him to dismiss the case against the former national security adviser.

Yeah, Gen. Flynn’s case has been so fair in the eyes of lady justice.

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The irony is, as long as he keeps this open, the more exculpatory evidence is handed over, he could have dismissed this a while back and since then at least two buckets of exculpatory information have been handed over, the last one, just two days ago had the note at the end which basically said “more to follow”.

Bunch of shitheads at the FBI trying to act like fascists and so far, no outrage from any Democrat!

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Flynn has repeatedly admitted in court that he had falsely told FBI agents in January 2017 that he did not ask Kislyak to refrain from escalating the Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia.

The transcript of a Dec. 29, 2016, call shows Flynn advising Kislyak that Russia should only respond in a proportional manner to any actions the Obama administration takes against the country before Trump is inaugurated.

Liar and traitor all rolled into one.

Really? What gave them the right to spy on Flynn in 2016? Or 2014?

How about they had no reason in jan to interview him?

or after the interview they briefed everyone, Flynn was telling the truth?

Then they went back and edited their notes, none of this bothers you.

then they threatened his son, his lawyers and behaved like complete shit heads.

Do you realize I don’t consider communication with you at all possible, our exchanges are for others.

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Flynn attempted to circumvent the foreign policy of a sitting president, fact. And lied to feds about it, also fact. Speculative whataboutism doesn’t change those facts and I’ve no interest in it. It’s boring, frankly.

Based on his Qanon affiliation, this guy clearly lost his bearings years ago. He probably was so deep down a rabbit hole in his head that he thought he was being a patriot by betraying the US gov’t.

He erased any good he did with serving in his earlier career. Russia is not a friend of the US especially after what they did with Crimea, Flynn sided with Trump and the Russians over his own country. A pure loser and traitor in my eyes.

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He was incoming national security advisor, he was doing his job, just the same as the person in the same position in the previous transition team was doing, talking to foreign entities.

Not fact, the FBI stated after an interview they did not think he lied.

The rest is boring to you because it shows Obama spied on political opponents, set them up, used the intelligence agencies to go after political opponents and tried to use them to overthrow a duly elected president.

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Incoming being the key word, it was not his job to do yet. There was still a national security advisor on the job for Obama, carrying out the policy of the actual legal administration.

You keep trying to gloss over this fact, but it’s never going away. It’s the most important piece of information in anything to do with Flynn, tantamount to coup-like behavior. Trump being incoming president doesn’t change the fact neither he nor Flynn were in position yet to shape foreign policy on Russia.

The fact they couldn’t even wait until they were in office, it says something to me about possible co-opting by Putin of Trump and company, and them wanting to be reassuring to Putin out of concern for their exposure.

I’ll just leave this here then I’m done on Flynn, I’m sure he’s happy to have a defender.

During the 2016 election, the Obama administration declined to hold Russia to account for its intervention. That’s a story in itself. On December 29, 2016, however, the Obama administration did at last announce punitive sanctions on Russia.

The imminence of these sanctions triggered a flurry of communications between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, reached out to Flynn on December 28. Flynn was vacationing in the Dominican Republic, but on December 29, he spoke multiple times with Kislyak.

On December 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would not respond to the sanctions. That same day, Trump tweeted his thanks: “Great move on delay (by V. Putin) - I always knew he was very smart!” Another round of calls followed between Flynn and Kislyak.

What exactly happened here? At first, Trump’s team denied that anything untoward had occurred. On January 15, 2017, Vice President–elect Mike Pence appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation to assure the country that Flynn and Kislyak had not discussed the Obama sanctions. “He had sent a text to the Russian ambassador to express not only Christmas wishes but sympathy for the loss of life in the airplane crash that took place,” Pence said, referring to a December 25, 2016, accident that had killed 92 people. “It was strictly coincidental that they had a conversation. They did not discuss anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia.”

Pence’s statement was not true. Flynn lied to the FBI about the calls. Back in 2017, Pence insisted that Flynn had lied to him too.

The Flynn-Kislyak call was recorded by U.S. intelligence agencies. The judge in Flynn’s case ordered that the call be released. The Department of Justice successfully resisted the order by arguing that the recording was irrelevant to Flynn’s conviction and sentencing.

And so Congress and the public remain unaware of what exactly was said to dissuade the Russians from retaliating in December 2016, and what—if anything—the Russians asked for in return. Congress and the public remain ignorant about whether Flynn acted on his own or was directed by President-elect Trump. Congress and the public remain uncertain whether Pence had himself been deceived when he delivered a false reassurance on CBS in January 2017—or whether he was part of the deceit.

Flynn’s lies protected Trump and the Trump administration. Flynn himself has paid a price over the past three years. But in the end, the lies protected him as well. The Justice Department has dropped the case. Flynn will not be sentenced for lying to the FBI, a crime to which he pleaded guilty. He will now become a conservative celebrity, a Trump surrogate on television and the campaign trail. The way is open for him to enjoy fame and recover wealth.

Many of those same Republicans are now acclaiming the decision to drop charges against Flynn as vindication. But vindication is precisely what this is not. Flynn’s release by Barr does not prove that Flynn was innocent of wrongdoing. Being released by Barr does not convert Flynn’s lies into truth. Flynn’s release by Barr only strengthens the suspicion that back in December 2016, Flynn acted with Trump’s approval. Flynn’s release by Barr only strengthens the suspicion that Flynn and Kislyak were furthering a corrupt arrangement between Trump and Putin. Flynn’s release by Barr only strengthens the suspicion that the corrupt arrangement continues to this day.

Flynn beat the rap. But the rap itself resounds louder than ever.

Here’s Pence’s quote on Flynn btw:

“What I can tell you is that I knew that he had lied to me – and I know the president made the right decision with regard to him,”


Obama did escalate Russian tensions on his way out the door, for the very reason he knew they would call Flynn.

Asshats were doing all they could do to poison the well, plus I see you have dropped the claim he lied to the FBI and shifted posts to he lied to Pence.

Well, you may have Biden back in office soon, you can carry on with starting wars with countries like Syria, Ukraine, Libya and maybe you can start WWIII with Russia if that is what the administration so want. Plus your 1984 spying on everyone will be back in force. I don’t see you stand for anything except a wanton will for power and destruction of opponents by any means.

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No he lied to both, that’s why I quoted that part too.

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No he did not lie to both, the FBI said he was telling the truth.

They then went back and changed the interview notes, you seem to like that sort of setting people up.

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Later during testimony, Yates said that she had no idea that the FISA applications to spy on the Trump campaign were riddled with false evidence - and also denied knowledge that her own deputy, Bruce Ohr, had facilitated meetings between the FBI and UK operative Christopher Steele, who assembled the infamous Clinton-funded dossier which was used to support the FISA warrant against former campaign aide Carter Page.

Yates claimed that if she knew this was the case, she wouldn’t have signed off on the warrant.


Right, I did catch the highlights, Yates basically threw Comey under the bus. I don’t think she twigged what’s going on is much bigger than the FISA surveillance. Ted Cruz touched on it when he asked her if he was under surveillance or Lindsey Graham. I’m of the opinion she was out of the loop for a lot of what was going on. Here’s Flynn’s lawyer discussing some of the larger picture a few days ago.

She touches on the around 3.30 and brings up the Rosemary Collier ruling I have mentioned on here before from 2017. U.S. Attorney John Bash is apparently looking into that, so it probably won’t end with Durham, although apparently according to Trump he is hearing that investigation is “breathtaking” and at the point the DOJ need to make decisions.

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In a January 10, 2017, conversation with Halper that Schrage recorded, Halper told him, “I don’t think Flynn’s going to be around long.” Halper then detailed the Machiavellian maneuvers likely to come: “The way these things work,” Halper said, was that “opponents. . . . so-called enemies” of Flynn would be “looking for ways of exerting pressure.” Flynn would be “squeezed pretty hard,” Halper suggested, and then Flynn’s “reaction to that is to blow up and get angry. He’s really f-cked. I don’t know where he goes from there. But that is his reaction. That’s why he’s so unsuitable.”

When Halper made these predictions, Flynn’s telephone calls with the Russian ambassador were not yet publicly known.

Better details inside.

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They are in damage control mode and shifting narratives. Sally Yates testimony recently that basically she knew nothing and Comey went rogue is DOJ trying to distance itself from the FBI, this guy is doing the same, at the time this was going on Halper was working with the FBI.

Let’s see if they can get away with throwing the FBI under the bus and avoiding the DOJ, CIA, State Department and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence getting dragged into it.

Comey’s twitter feed has gone remarkably silent lately, it must have dawned on him he is going to be the fall guy.

New set of documents released and new filing below to dismiss the case from Flynn’s lawyer.

The strange thing here, is if the judge thinks he is doing team Obama any favours, what he is actually doing is providing a way for Barr to disclose information.

I don’t have a problem with more information, I expect this back channel to be used more in fact. It’s pretty obvious what Barr is doing, let’s see if the judge doesn’t move to close the back channel by dismissing charges but at the same time being an asshole and doing so without prejudice.

Interview between Bongino and Flynn, I have yet to see a single Democrat acknowledge what was done to Flynn was an abomination.

Perhaps in part it’s because admitting they went after a loyal patriot who served his country with love and distinction only to have hiss life destroyed in a attempt to “get Trump” would be admitting the Obama and Biden administration are not good guys and that’s hard for some to admit.

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“If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God, and one religion under God.”- Mike Flynn

No wonder that people that hate the U.S. Constitution love them some Mike Flynn.
Get rid of them slimy Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sinkhs, (and of course) atheists and agnostics, among others.

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