The GOP's House of Representatives Thread

red trickle yeah MY WAIF gets that once a month

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That’s not how it works. He was everybody’s president, just like Biden is everybody’s president now, like it or not.


He’s seen enough: Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report declared early Friday that Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) defeated his Trump-backed Republican challenger Blake Masters in Arizona’s U.S. Senate election.

One less Trumper.

It’s almost like I added some context to that.

‘Some context’ aka ‘The Resistance’

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and now Trump trying to stir shit up again…

Oh, I wouldn’t know, they banned the biggest candidate from one of the two political parties from social media. Got a link?

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Can’t get Truth Social in Taiwan and I’m can’t be that bothered to use Tor to see what he is saying either.

Sometimes his Truth messages get posted elsewhere, I don’t see anything today. Yet.

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Hope this trickle dries up completely.

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Mitch is in. No surprise there.

And in the House:

The House has gone GOP.

Mission accomplished.

A trickle might be just enough:

When Democrats took control of the House as part of the 2018 blue wave, they started a flurry of investigations into then-President Donald Trump’s administration and his business dealings, including probes of his tax returns and later, the role he played in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

Yea, they sure did. Called for impeachment during his inauguration. Time to sow, boys.

Excise the Don!

Drip drip drip the trickle, like venom into Loki’s eyes.

What does he mean by this? That their opinion doesn’t matter and that the oligarchy should just impose their will by means other than the democratic process? Surely the challenge for anyone presenting a Trump alternative is to offer something better than Trump. Shouldn’t be difficult, surely.

I’ve said before that the GOP has been slow to craft a message post Trump.

I’d pay to see a caged match with Chris Christie and Bill Barr in a caged match with a bucket of KFC in the middle.

Christie would probably eat the KFC…and then Barr.