The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

So basically since the last week, dozens of women in Hollywood have started accusing the mongul of rape, sexual assaults, harrassment etc. It has since quickly grown to be one of the most widespread scandals ever in the history of Hollywood and almost everyone was/is expected to comment on the dark, open secret. Amongst the victims are extremely high profile celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Léa Seydoux, and Kate Beckinsale. Here are a bit more blind items on the matters:

The situation is pretty disturbing, as are some people’s response (ie Donna Karen). The Woody Allen and Roman Polanski rape cases have also been brought up again because of this mess. :popcorn:

Oh and allegedly the article published on NY Times was supposed to be out 13 years ago, but Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Russell Crowe killed it for the sake of covering for their BFF Weinstein and now they’re getting burned, which is awesome as I’ve never liked them. Especially Damon and Affleck. :popcorn:

Didn’t 45 brag about assaulting a woman?

I thought the Woody Allen thing never led to a conviction.

Yeah, this whole thing…I doubt it stops with Weinstein. I imagine all the ones who have people have not come clean about. Kinda makes you question the whole business.


Weinstein is a pig, no doubt, but where is some of the women’s culpability in all this that they would allow a pig like that to pull moves on them and go along with it for a chance at stardom?
Then it all gets covered over for years until one pounces and then everybody piles on.

Reluctantly agreed? Had consentual sex with the man after because if not it would ruin her career? Not much sympathy

“She said she had reluctantly agreed, but that he pulled her skirt up and forcibly performed oral sex on her. She said she felt guilty about what she described as a “horrible trauma” and for not fighting him off. She later went on to have consensual sexual relations with him, which she described to the magazine as one-sided and onanistic, because she believed he would ruin her career if she didn’t comply. “After the rape, he won,” she said.”

And another.

He changed into a bathrobe and “forced himself on me sexually”, the New Yorker reported. She felt “horror, disbelief and shame” and considered going to the police, but then thought about how much she could lose and decided “just to move forward”. She continued to have a professional relationship with him after the alleged rape

So the fame and fortune was more important than reporting a rape? And then maintaining a professional relationship after?

A lot of women did reject him and leave and got punished for it in their careers but the ones that used him to advance their careers are just as bad in my books

Woody Allen is a different situation–he’s accused of molesting his children (no way to prove it at this date), and slept with / married his wife’s then-barely-legal adopted daughter. Not actresses.

It will be interesting to see how the Academy handles pressure to strip other people of their awards. Will there be a process, or does it have to get so bad, that the executive committee itself thinks it has a problem?

Interesringly it was Ronan Farrow who wrote the NY piece.

Victim blaming at its’ finest, ladies and gentlemen.


The best thing about this is that for a few days the dudes and dudettes in Hollywood have been so busy with Weinstein that they’re spending almost no time complaining about Trump.

It reminds me of the pedo ring in England that everyone knew about, including the police, but remained in the shade for many years. Really nasty stuff.

How does the US legal system work in this kind of case? I mean, consenting to have sex in exchange for money/fame/whatever is different from rape, and so far it looks like most if not all of the confirmed stories are of that kind.

Don’t be ridiculous. This means the power structure is completely messed up. They shouldn’t have to sleep with producers and directors to get roles. Willingly or unwillingly.

You are sounding like Donna Karen here. Ew.

Btw Quentin Tarantino has also been accused of harassment by Seydoux, amongst other rumors. I hope shit hits the fan for him too.

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A big difference a between victim blamig and just seeing it for what it is and was, in many cases a transaction that they later regretted.

They shouldn’t have had to do it you are right. Most chose not too and took the hit. He should have been reported then and there, publicly. It seems some were willing to grin and bear it to get a perceived benefit.
(I fully expect to be flamed for this very unpopular opinion)

Good Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood are vindicated for calling out Hollywood Pedophile Moguls.

Lot of good it will do Haim now…

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I think it varies by state, but soliciting sex in exchange for employment tends to be proscribed.

It may qualify as sexual harassment without meeting the legal definition of rape.

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They’re shocked… shocked! Really, they all knew all along. And they all do it.

I don’t buy their protestations of moral outrage, so over the top, so orchestrated, so extremely tardy. Harvey did something to piss them off, and this is what they’re using to punish him.

I saw a rumor he was planning to do a pro-Israel movie. Very politically incorrect. Whatever it is, they can’t admit the real reason, because it’s something that normal people (the public) wouldn’t care about. But normal people do care about rape.

Are they just trying to cover their own asses because the accusation came out? The timing doesn’t work. The accusations are NOT actually recent.

Whatever the motive is for this scandal being brought into the daylight now (probably payback of some kind), it’s nice to see Hollywood exposed for the cesspool that it is. Hopefully this will put a nice big sock in the mouths of all those insufferable Hollywood stars and moguls with their hypocritical moral posturing. Of course, Hollywood lost all claim to any kind of moral authority when they crowned child rapist Roman Polanski.

Maybe they’ll stop moralizing the plebs (aka: us) over politics, but there’s no way they’ll shut up: over the course of the coming months it will be a non stop flow of interviews, books, tv appearances with amazing revelations etc etc

I’d settle for a “minute of silence.” Of course, women’s rights advocate “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, who kept her mouth shut about Harvey when she heard what was going on “a year ago,” has already had a heartfelt interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN, so that minute didn’t last long. It’ll be fascinating watching all this “soul searching” unfold in real time. And poor Harvey has already taken the painful first step by committing himself to $2,000 a day “rehab.”


Well, there have been at least four accusations of rape. Beyond that, there is the sexual harassment issue–Weinstein has helped make Hollywood a hostile work environment for (good-looking) women.