The Hiking Thread (2007-2008)

Today was the first day of school day. It’s kind of relaxing because everyone’s psychological status hasn’t been ready for busy study schedule. I went to Xianjiyan in Jingmei for a hike in the afternoon.

I started from the entry to Xianji temple. It is an archway on Jingxing Road (only a 5 minute walk from MRT Jingmei station.) I didn’t finish the trail but stopped at Xianji temple. It approximately took me only 40 minutes to finish the round. (I didn’t finish it was because I wanted to estimate how much time I would spend so I could possibly make it a daily exercise.)

I took some photos of the entry and the condition of trail and some lovely creatures I have encountered on the trail. Wonderful squirrels! :slight_smile:

The photos link:

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The Map of Xianjiyan Trail:

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The Entry to Xianjiyan

Short Steep Stairs

yeah, lots of nice squirrels up there, and butterflies and dragonflies in the right season. Nice old trees too. It’s also lovely around dusk and there after to watch the sunset and see the city lights go on. I’ve taken people up to the rocks at the very top and sat and had a beer or two as we overlooked the city and 101.

I also really appreciate how clean the locals keep it.

This grainy photo was taken at night. The road really does look like a snake because of the way the street and all its lights are cut off from this angle.

This trail is pretty ease, it’s really a nice place for people relaxing. And a good place for kids too.
My next trail would be Tianmu trail, Junjianyan trail or Jiantan Moutain trail. I will report their transportation, entry and trail’s condition back to forum. :slight_smile:

Nice one Kate, that’s the way to go. Keep up the good work and soon we will the ones not able to keep up your speed. :wink:

Nice photos too.

Thank you, I just took some photos to show Forumosans the lovely parts of the trail. They are okay pictures.

And acutally I am pretty talkative in, someone told me I am overactive. But I seldom talk during the hikes. That’s because I am always out of breath. :wink:

I will keep improving my physical condition, so I will be the most talkative hiker in Hiking Club. :slight_smile:

I still can’t swim…that’s my greatest task to accomplish.

Kate do you have copies of Richard Saunders Taipei Day Trips I and II?

Nay…Sir. Is it better for me to get those books?

Not better but they will give you an overload of ideas. And all hiking routes are incredibly detailed so you can do many of them safely alone. There’s also complete bus info.

BTW, a nice system you could try on your own on a weekend is out near Yongning MRT station.

Anyway, next time we meet I’ll lend you my copies as I don’t use them much anymore, having done most of the hikes.

Thank you, sir. :notworthy:

Are these still in print? If so, where could I buy them? (2nd hand is fine, too)

double post

Are these still in print? If so, where could I buy them? (2nd hand is fine, too)[/quote]

You should be able to find them in places like Eslite and Page One.

Thanks, Chris!

Actually, since you are in Tienmy go directly to the Community Service Centre as they publish them.

I decided to go Pinglin and try to visit the ghost village because tomorrow is my last Saturday of summer vacation. Mucha Man had led us to the ridge of the mountain, I think I can finish the trail to the village on my own. I will report back after I finish the hike.

Good luck, kate! Don’t get lost in the woods and eaten by wild animals!

[quote=“Chris”]Good luck, kate! Don’t get lost in the woods and eaten by wild animals!


Is this one a close relative to the “killer rabbit” in Monty Python and the Holy Grail? I would be very very carefull out there than and don’t forget the “Holy Grenade”. :smiley: :wink:

I went hiking in Lion Head Mountain in Xindian this afternoon. It’s an obscure trail but I found it’s a pleasant place for hiking. It’s only a 5-minute walk from Xindian MRT station. The main entry is located on Wenzhong Rd., right next to a school. It’s a 30-minute steep stairway up to the first pavilion, and about a 20-minute walk and 15-minute steep stairway up to the second pavilion, and a 20-mintue walk down to the second entry. And it has difficult way up but easy way down. I like it.
The scenery along the trail is terrific. The height of Lion Head mountain is about 220m, but you can see most parts of Taipei city and some parts of Taipei county. It’s too bad that I can identify each region.

Detail of Lion Head Mountain trail:

Thanks very much for that, Kate. Now I definitely need to do something about my ignorance regarding the hills in the southern part of town!