The Imperial Pint: Taoyuan's first British Micropub!

Hi folks, I just wanted to quickly post up and say that I’ve recently opened the first British Micropub (and probably first British pub generally) in Pingzhen/Zhongli!

We import and sell British beers from the likes of St Austell (think Tribute and Proper Job IPA), Bath Ales and Thistly Cross Cider from Scotland! Currently we’re just doing bar snacks, but expect an expanded menu in the coming weeks, plus events, live sports and live music!

I’m always frustrated when it comes to finding places outside of Taipei, so wanted to share the news!

No 77 Zhongshan Road, Pingzhen District, Taoyuan 324


Great stuff. I sincerely hope there’s enough local custom to keep your operating costs covered! Unfortunately your location means that people casually passing through - via the HSR, train, or airport line - can’t easily get to you.

I will come. How about a google map link? The address you gave shows a picture of a dirt field.

Would you be getting prices up on the website/menus for the beers?
You may also consider allowing buyers to have the beer delivered to wherever they live (many other sites do so, just make it a minimum NTD amount for an order), or even hook up with one of the many convenience stores. Many channels are possible to open up the customer base to those who can’t get there. Good luck!

All good feedback, thanks everyone!

@finley indeed! The locals in our neighborhood are our target demographic. The expat crowd is great, but our aim is to cater for everyone, so passing trade through the HSR/airport isn’t our highest priority - that said everyone is welcome!

@tango42 you can find us on Google Maps here: it probably also shows a dirt field on street view as we’re located in a brand new high rise!

@CTaitung we do indeed offer home delivery and I’ll get those details up on the website soon! We’ll probably run a live menu via Untappd soon as well for anyone who fancies stopping by for a drink!

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Fantastic! Good luck to you guys! Will drop by when I’m in the area.

Good luck with your venture! Will drop by if I ever pass through!

whats the snacks? pickled eggs, pork scratchings and peanuts?

If he can get some proper pork pies I’ll make a special effort.

@BHL4life our current snacks include a combo platter of pork scratchings, yunnan sausage (a bit like chorizo) and cold cut wedges - we’re trying to take some of the local neighbourhood onboard when we work out our menu.

When the kitchen is fully up and running you can expect fish, chips & mushy peas, scotch eggs, ploughman’s lunches and Cornish Baozi (think steamed baozi with Cornish Pasty filling!) - all with an Yunnan/Golden Triangle twist.

@finley good shout on the pork pies, I’ll get to work on those!

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pork pies and scotch eggs sound great. cornish baozi not as much lol

They’re perhaps not to everyone’s liking, but we think they’re rather tasty!

They’re not just any old Baozi mind, but Yunnan Posubao, hand crafted from start to finish by Amay Dessert just down the road - worth trying at least once I reckon :smile:

How are you getting along over there? looks like good reviews on Google.

Are there any hotels within walking distance in case someone doesn’t want to drive or travel anywhere at night?

We’re getting along good! We have a nice bunch of the local regulars stopping by every night, always a good selection of beers and ciders on, and some occasional good folk like yourself who travel from further afield!

Never been asked about hotels before, but off the top of my head I would suggest the Kuva Chateau in Zhongli as the standard hotel of choice for most expats and business travellers. That said an Uber will normally get you back to Taipei for 1k or less.

still open, google maps is showing closed

open or closed now?

Google Maps says Permanently Closed. Say it isn’t so.

Bugger. I was hoping to do my quarantine there.


Pity,it looked quite decent. Pingzhen is almost in zhongli actually. Even if you live in Taoyuan its not that close.

By the look of the facebook photos the proprietor gave it a really good go.