The January 6th commission and January 6th defendants

Seems like this topic could have a thread of it’s own.

The tweet asks “Where are the Republicans?” the answer is they are nowhere because the January 6th commission isn’t targeting Republicans it’s targeting Trump, which they are perfectly fine with save a very few.

I added the defendants of the January 6th stop the steal rally to the topic since there seems to be a few speaking up on their behalf, not the vast majority of Republicans and certainly non of the Democrats.

Alternative link for those not wishing to provide eepoch times their email

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Greene is a loon, but I cringe-watched her floor show the other day. Calling people Communists? Soundbite barking dog politician. :roll_eyes:

And this, from a very high ranking soundbite barking mad politician. “We’ll let you see the evidence against you after we have determined it implicates you in what we said you did.”
Shifty goes to the pinnacle of trustworthy news media to spew his idiocy once again.

Schiff: "We Don't Want Witnesses To Be Able To Benefit From Public Information And Use It To Shade Their Testimony" | Video | RealClearPolitics

Schiff said giving those being investigated the same evidence they have may cause them to “shade their testimony” or conceal things. Schiff, a member of the 1/6 committee, said “there will be a right time” to make documents public but not right now in an interview on Tuesday with MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Stinks, as usual and the world watches. Jim Jorden one of only a handful of Republicans pushing back against the sham committee.

The FBI and Capitol police still have 14,000 hours of footage they are not releasing and I hear some of the political prisoners that the DC establishment is keen to torture are being moved to a different facility.

No one seems to care about the truth happy to get soundbites from a Pravda like media, I’m about of the conclusion Democracy is done in America. Put a fork in it.

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This is a good read, regarding the January 6th commission, we already get non stop coverage and it’s fairly easy to see it’s a “get Trump” effort. Revolver has been looking into the prospect the FBI or some other agency played a role in agitating and organizing the events on Jan 6th, don’t expect any media or the January 6th commission to touch this.

TLDR: 6 of the key instigators of taking down the outer fence and pushing people forward have never been arrested. Some like Ray Epps are known by name, some like “BeCivilGuy” are equipped with matching bull horns. “BeCivilGuy” is 50 meters on the wrong side of the fence before the fence is breached, like waiting to direct people to the next stage. Of the two people rolling up fencing before Trump supporters arrival and would them unwittily cross over a fenced off area without knowing it, one was on a video the day before saying the police just took their DNA, so in his case the police know who he is.

Key takeaway and I think the media will eventually get there, is it looks like entrapment.


Trump incited it. It wasn’t some ‘deep state’ thing.


That’s the official line, I suggest reading the article and keeping an open mind. Let the facts fall where they may.

Trump still needs to be dispatched hence all the “insurrection” talk on TV, let your eyes and ears tell you what went down not the media noise.

Sometimes it takes time for people to use their eyes and ears and call out the media bullshit, like the origination of the virus, or Hunters laptop, or the Russian collusion, sometimes years. But eventually we do have eyes and ears and they work just fine with a little common sense.

p.s. @BiggusDickus I don’t think of you as a partisan, I alsso think you are a fair minded person. I also think if you do use your eyes and ears, you will come to the same conclusions I have, it just takes more time than relying on media reports.

I read the article and I like to think that I keep an open mind.

The deep state organising the insurrection and Trump happening to suggest an insurrection simultaneously seems improbable to me, or am I missing something?

How do you mean? I don’t think he did overtly (but would like to know if he did). Certainly his constant comments about the election validity are the ultimate cause.

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Well, firstly thank you for keeping an open mind. I actually agree with you that the proposition itself is incredulous, I don’t blame you at all for thinking “that’s too far fetched” too Machiavellian.

But it seems to be a matter of record these 6 individuals played a key role in instigating the events of that day, some are known by name and non are under arrest. Can you explain why?

Also if we ask “is there an indication the media, the FBI, the Capitol police have a beef with Trump”, of course with the media, they hate him.

Yes actually, the story of the officer who wasn’t killed by fire extinguisher, I saw texts the same day that claim was made apparently from the brother dismissing that story, I was afraid to post links here because every-single-media-outlet. All of them went with the fire extinguisher story for about 6 weeks (until after impeachment).

The capitol police and FBI would have known that story was false, but didn’t correct it. If I knew, how is it possible every-single-news-outlet could not have known, all any of them needed to do was pick up the phone to ask the family.

There is the baseline for you. It’s based on facts. The media, the Capitol police and the FBI despise Trump and wanted him buried. If you hate Trump that’s all good and well.

But facts matter.

Also, we know that the FBI infiltrates suspected terrorist groups and at least cooperates with people in planning potential terrorist acts in order to ultimately make arrests, going back to 9/11 and previously. At most they may encourage them. That seemed to happen in the recent case involving the Michigan governor. Any domestic group worth its salt may well have FBI informants in its ranks. For sure they were in high gear in the weeks leading up to 1/6. Some oddities are already known, such as that there were a number of “unindicted co-conspirators” involved on 1/6. Not necessarily anything there, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there was some kind of FBI involvement. About to take a look at this article.

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I’m afraid to admit that I’m now fixed in my opinion about this. I guess it happens as people get older - brain plasticity and all that.

Trump read stuff about a possible insurrection on his phone. He then used language to incite it. It’s the most plausible explanation. Trump’s supporters and relatives told him to call the insurrection off as it was happening. Not to mention the PPT presentation.

Trump might be innocent and it might all be a sinister deep state set-up.

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Well, consider the alternative that Trump clearly established the conditions for the 1/6 riot to occur, many people were upset and willing to engage in protest and a riot, the government was aware of that and the FBI was trying to find out what was going on and perhaps, in a manner in which it has acted previously, trying to flush out dangerous characters through various actions which remain to be fully understood. Maybe, in the general state of concern prevailing leading up to 1/6, they may have pushed the bounds–as they have previously. Or maybe they were just tagging along and it was just a riot–not exactly surprising considering the overall picture in 2020? That’s somewhere between you and @Mick, perhaps. If you have anything more about that phone call I’d like to know though :slight_smile:


Yes, the answer probably lies somewhere between the two extremes.

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OK, are you suggesting that Ray Epps is a deep state stooge?

The point is, we don’t know what he was up to, or the others, or why they are not being charged or why the FBI can’t find them.

We do know the media and politicians are not asking questions. People were being waved into the building, who opened the doors? who waved them in? No one is asking.

This Ray Epps character apparently is on record saying “they were supposed to go through the doors” according to who? Why is the FBI saying there doesn’t seem to be any planning, when all these dudes, but especially Ray Epps is on camera saying what he was going to do the day before and then they all turn up with matching bullhorns? But the FBI says there was no planning. Oooook, doesn’t make sense to me.

Because they went past that outer perimeter fence(which was removed by these guys and Trump supporters wouldn’t know it ever existed), the police could justify use of force which they did with flash bangs around 1.15pm, at that point the Trump supporters were standing around with their hands in their pockets doing nothing, why agitate them?

I mean, everyone can despise Trump and his supporters all they like, but there is a series of events here that doesn’t jive with the official account and the FBI is still sitting on 14,000 hours of video surveillance they are fighting to keep secret for bullshit reasons.

Very interesting that they’ve said there’s no evidence of planning and are soft-pedaling on the people who have shown any evidence of planning. For that matter, that they’ve brought NO charges “alleging that any individual or group played a central role in organizing or leading the riot” as of Aug 20; not sure if that’s changed but I bet it hasn’t.

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It seems the people arrested are those identified as actually entering the capitol or fighting with police - have those individuals been identified as doing those things? If not, I would guess the government has either decided they don’t have anything winnable they can pin on them, or they’re still building their case. Or, of course, conspiracy!

Charged with?

Says who?

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That’s why people started to ask questions, because individuals who were part of groups being prosecuted, escaped prosecution themselves even while their acts were even more egregious than those around them being charged.

Which is why they were looking at Ray Epps, the FBI initially put him up with 20 of the most wanted that day. The FBI seemed to get his significance as leading the first breach team on the 6th.

Ray Epps was “Suspect 16”, Well the internet delivered in about 3 days and the FBI did nothing with the information.

Then, on July 1, between the hours of 3:37 a.m. and 5:55 p.m., the FBI finally took action on Ray Epps. But not to prosecute him, or to announce a sweeping investigation or FBI SWAT raid on Epps’s house for all of his phones and electronics. Instead, someone at the FBI quietly and stealthily purged every trace of Ray Epps from the Capitol Riots Most Wanted database.

So why did they pull down his 'wanted" suspect 16 image on 1st of June.

Well, they panicked. Two major media reports (discussed below) came out on June 30, each of which touched the Ray Epps “Third Rail” from different angles, and the FBI likely realized it was no longer safe to maintain a digital record acknowledging they ever knew who this guy was.

Full story here.

I had said no one was asking questions, but one or two are (below clip is from the article), note the AG Garland avoids answering if the FBI had informants or agents present or if they were involved in provocation.