The Joys of Bathroom Renovation

We have been, for a few years, contemplating getting our Bathroom ‘fixed’. So its finally time, and today is Day #1, which basically means demolition day. The Photo is what it looked like this morning, right now (3 hours later) its nothing, a dark shell as all has gone, even the tiles, and the low ceiling. Dust everywhere despite the living part being fenced off with big plastic sheeting.

Supposed to take up to 8 days, and of course we only have one, so its the nearest 7-11 for #2, and no showers, a quick rubdown in the kitchen!!

Supposed to cost about $150K - we are doing away with the bath, will be a big shower instead.

Wow, looks great. They did an awesome job!



But seriously, it already looks better than 90% of Taiwanese bathrooms.


Nice. You can even put a hole in the ground toilet next to it to save room for making Wuhan style snake meals

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Actually, it did look much better when we had cleaned all the stuff out before they arrived, though it doesn’t show that the tiles there are not level, gaps in the grout, leaky drain under the sink, old style toilet with single flush. And, NO, the new Toilet will NOT be a Japanese one.

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At least spring for the heated seat.

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Its not cold enough here for one.

As an aside, my sister, who lives in Melbourne, visited Japan with some friends a few years back, and of course the Hotel room was so equipped. She is one who is even into Heated Car seats (in a Volvo mind you!!), and decided that is just what was needed, so on her return she arranged for both bathrooms in her home to be ‘converted’ to the heated seat. The ‘full monty’ version didnt interest her though, feared a blast of hot or cold water in the nether regions she said.

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I´d give 150K to have my bathroom look like that. I mean, I have three kinds of tiles in different colors, a commode they simply do not make since 1973 and a metal sink…

Ah how much I´d like to have a nice decent fixed shower head with proper water pressure, maybe some nice sliding doors so the water will not get everywhere…

I do fear a Japanese style toilet but a bidet could be useful if toilet paper ever goes in style again.

As to the bathtub, it is not part of my culture. But then in our culture we have the death switch a la electric chair execution for the water heater…


Unfortunately I cant give you the old for free, as its somewhat difficult to remove and reinstall without wrecking most - the tub was showing its age too, was at the stage were cleaning doesn’t remove stains and hairline cracks were starting to appear.

Question: how about the bathroom´s roof? Are you getting the dehumidifier installed?

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Not as such, but there will be an extractor fan - which the present one did not have, despite the false ceiling having more than enough room.

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Lighting is also an issue. One of the first things I did in my place was to change the friggin fluorescent nightmares into nicer LED bulbs. But God knows the place still needs more light!


If it is a house and you own it. And you cb spend extra time and money. Strongly strongly suggest installing a proper septic tank.

If you are in some of the places that have city sewage hookuos, nevermind.

7th Floor apartment - but the sewer is good, no smell and Toilet Paper can be flushed without blocking up the works.

We got septic tank… and yet my toilet bubbles like a bottle of Coke after being shaken…

As long as the water isn’t the same color, you’re probably OK.

Sometimes it is… don´t ask…

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A good old soak in a tub is good for when the body is sore, or joints ache, but I have found that as I get older, it gets more difficult to haul ones old body OUT of the tub afterwards, and its not hard to eliminate the Tub in favour of a proper shower when dealing with Taiwan sized bathrooms. There are also plenty of Hot Springs for when one needs a Hot Tub fix.