The K-man's finest hour(s)


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I hang my head in shame.


Must be hellish though if he has his stuff ripped apart like that. I don’t recall him ever offering that as an excuse.

I know its a dumb question and I shouldn’t ask it as I well know the answer but here goes…“why would you hire a native speaker and then edit his text so as to push back in a Chinglish direction”?


Because the local editor has a Master’s in TEFL from some overseas diploma mill, and the native speaker only has a BA.

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“I have ever studied in the America, my English is very well”.


God, you’re giving me flashbacks from my 留學代辦 days.


Nah, several people have Masters and PhDs. It is because “we do not understand Chinese”. No, it is not “we cannot understand Chinese as well as they do in order to translate it into English”, it means “there is no way you can ever reach our level”. Subtext is “we do not trust you, we cannot trust an outsider”.


Must be different where you work. I’ve never had anyone I work with doubt my Chinese…only my English. :open_mouth:


I doubt myself every time I look in the mirror :tornado:

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C’mon, man. Your English isn’t that bad. That accent though…


Is that K-man a guy who used to post here his news and then he got banned after some discussion about a shitty job in his pamphlet about English teachers screwing innocent Chinese girls?


I think the answer to that is yes, although I had no idea he was banned.


I maybe did…

(very obscure FOTC joke)


He’s not.


Didn’t need to be. The power of shaming is much more effective.


We may need to leave all that out of it here. There’s a fine line between commenting on a well known media personality and attacking a site member (not saying that that has happened as of now.) If this gets to be the latter, this thread may not work.


The problem is he self-identified as the journalist himself. I guess we should take his user name out of the thread and treat him as an external public person. Since he no longer posts here its likewise no longer relevant that he used to.


Theoretically, he could return at any moment. Although I’m guessing it would be a little awkward. He kind of got ganged up on last time he tried to defend himself.


When someone gets banned, it’s not necessarily for things said publicly.


Wow, that sounds a little Orwellian…

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I already forgot but I’m guessing I was part of the gangbang. Still if you earn a crust raking up muck about other foreigners in your community you kind of have to take what’s coming.

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