The Kavanaugh Fallout


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Unless you actually teach people how to “install” false memories through hypnosis? There are many things that have been manipulated for this testimony that raise doubts about it’s true purpose. I am sure more facts will surface with time. I shall make a final judgment then…based on facts


I actually agree with Andrew Sullivan on this fiasco, mind you. The hearing should (have) be(en) about his presidential pardoning opinion, not the sordid details of his rapeyness. Although, yes, his rapeyness is equally disqualifying.

Yes, the progressives are politicizing Dr. Ford’s trauma and for her to see that (she ain’t a dupe) and still thrust herself into such a bad spotlight makes her a heroine.

Moreover, Kavanaugh should not even be a consideration after all the Garland hypocrisy. That too should be a salient point championed by the right side of history.

Trumpublicans have no problem politicizing anything at all. By any means at all. Obvious hypocrisy? No problem. Falsehoods that pander to base fears? Bring 'em on. They can do this all day.

Progs gotta get better at it or we all suffer. If it bleeds, it leads. Get on script progs.


I agree with that. Some of the alternative views should be considered too. Right and wrong can be so subjective.The Goalposts are moving so fast .


So @Toe_save if I may ask, we all seem to agree the whole thing was a circus.

In your opinion, do you think the Democrats share any responsibility for the fiasco? If so what? Or is it all at the hands of the Republicans?


I want to give your question full consideration. But I am heading out for the evening. Can we pick this up tomorrow?


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Miss Lindsay? Are you pulling a Bill Mayer/Rosie O Donnell tactic?

Such predictable anti-US and anti-South rhetoric that is also 15 or 20 years old!! :cowboy_hat_face::wink: (Toe thinks my anti-Canada thing is a little old).

Do I believe her? Yes. I believe something bad happened to her. Do I think it was Kavanugh? No, I do not.

And because the United States, thank hell, is still a country that respects the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, etc., I don`t think anyone should be able to ruin the career of someone after 40 years based on hearsay.

I am sure some politically correct regions in the World (Peoples Republic of Berkeley and Marin County), Saltspring Island, and Human Rights Councils in Canada may disagree. Screw em and their organic sharts.

To me, the circus on the left matches a dystopian Handmaid`s Tale reality. Atwood meant it as a book about a right-wing religious-right future where the Constitution is thrown out and some women are basically breeders in Gilead. By the right? Do not think so. They want to preserve the Constitution in its originalist form. If it is ever thrown out, it will be by activist left judges going beyond their reach in a fascist-left-groupthink state. To me though, it is the left that is best matching this book these days.


This story is a clear example of why #believeher is a shitty idea. Oh she must have been very convincing at that time. Props to the guy for going through it and managing to turn his life around. News regarding people who commit suicide due to false sexual assault allegations are getting more and more common, almost as if people who think they have nothing to lose would just try to throw those accusations hoping to get some $$$. I wonder where they could get those kind of ideas from?

Brb, going to check our good doctor’s GoFundMe page to see if she broke the 1m mark.


This is the politically correct answer for saying you think she is lying, but want to have your cake and eat it to by saying you believe her too.

I can buy a lot of the lack of details for arguments sake, where, when, how she got there or how she got back. But not the assault itself, which it is claimed has traumatized her for 35 years. nope. If she claims with 100% certainty it is Kavannaugh, there is no confusion or being muddled. It’s either fact or fiction not some political correct both can be right bullshit.


That is the first time I`ve been called PC! :smile::smile::smile:


I’m sure it becomes a habit, even a necessity within certain groups.



Not sure that I agree completely. Toesave asked me if I “think” Ford was lying. My answer was that neither he , nor I, know for sure and I would wait for the Evidence to appear, as I am sure it will, before a definitive answer.
My answer was in that form because of the way the question implied I presumed her guilty of lying…if you get what I mean? Takes me a while, and more reading/evidence to be sure, but I am certainly seeing more serious, potential , holes in her testimony appearing, than in Kav’s.


I don’t get how people who thinks someone is just monstrous for Not just believing in Ford also just don’t dont just believe in Kavanaugh.

This whole believe in survivors thing is just asumming guilt of the accused.

Evidence. I need evidence from due process from a position of innocent until proven guilty without a reasonable doubt.

This is how we do things, it’s what makes America and many other countries that have this kind of system great. I don’t get why we seem to get our emotions in the way of a core value.


Oh I totally get it, it’s difficult for some to relate to 2 opposing ideas existing simultaneously at the same time in the mind.It’s all in, one way or the other.

They can both have holes in their testimony. I already said they broke him, and he kind of went of the rails.


Is this not equally true, if not more so, of the Democrats?


I think the Democratic Strategy is getting close to this.


I’m afraid they’re not nearly that sharp.