The Kavanaugh Fallout


I asummed you identified as a cat.


That name was assigned to me by an Alien


Pretty much in a similar boat. I think a lot of people are.

Trump had me on foreign policy. Rather… I felt better rolling the dice with him than with Hillary. Which lately tends to affect a rather large amount of lives specifically in the middle east.

but nah ima racist against da brown ppl lawl :crazy_face:

A lot of people love to shout the ‘believe survivors’ thing that pertains to Kavanaugh. But how do I know who the survivor is? The survivor of a sexual assault or the survivor of a false accusation? Serious question that probably makes me a bad person :confused:


That’s a form for violence!


That’s your self-identification. Posting history is all we have to with.


Apparently so. I confess to being a white middle-aged American male, but I identify as a 30-something female bovine, so hopefully I’ll receive a lighter sentence.

I’m sure @gain would consider me “far right,” but his definition of the term is essentially meaningless. Basically, in his view anyone to the right of Ocasio-Cortez or who supports Trump in any way, shape or form is “far right,” which is utter hogwash.

I’m an atheist who isn’t very fond of religion in general, and a strong supporter of abortion rights and gay marriage (@gain even had the gall to call me homophobic the other day), so trying to squeeze me into the the far right box would be a pretty tight fit. My views are a little to the right of where they were when I was younger, but honestly, the left has done most of the moving, what with all the PC culture, postmodernism and identity politics, all of which I find extremely distasteful.

  1. what ages does this group cover?
  2. there are non-whites who also have the same opinion (conservative), too. So, deplorables are a global phenomenon


Was in Seoul hanging out with some Korean girls a few months ago… One of them in the group kept going on and on about how much she hated Trump. Trump’s like Hitler. Trump this .Trump that. All negative.

Whatever, nothing new.

Later that night she was drunk and suddenly :

Was one of the most bizarre ‘closeted Trump supporter’ situations I’ve ever witnessed. But really really funny.


Me, too.

The other thing that gets my goat is this. I didn’t vote for Trump, and I wasn’t happy the morning I woke up to learn he’d won. But. I believe it’s an important duty for all Americans to offer their support to the new President for as long as they can. I mean sincere support. I understand giving up on a modern president (I gave up on Obama), but offering the president sincere support is important. I believe that it’s a patriotic duty of all Americans.

I think maybe 10% of Democrats did that. Maybe less. It was and is unforgivable. It still pisses me off today. The vast majority of the Democrat party never gave Trump a chance. He was DOA with them. Really, really pisses me off.


Yeah, the Trump demographic.


congratulations, you are who we thought you were.


I guess it depends on how you define support.

What I am willing to offer anyone and everyone who matters is a grace period. After that, everyone has to earn my support.

I extend unconditional tolerance to the irrelevant, and only to the irrelevant. It’s a very condescending sort of tolerance, but it’s more than a lot of people offer.


This actually doesn’t bother me that much. In my view, everybody is free to support or not support the president as much as they like. It’s a free country, after all. But all the demonization does get a bit tiresome.


That’s what I should have said. It’s exactly that: a sincere grace period. I think we owe the President that because we owe it to the nation.


He is the democratically elected leader of the nation. That means something.

I disliked trump and was appalled by his election. But I’ve changed my mind, at least considering the other option was Hilary.


like Obama wasn’t demonized…stop being a bunch of softies, Trump came into the race guns blazing leaving everyone and everything in his path in a pile of blood.

Low Energy,

who didn’t he punch below the belt? And now you bootstrap up-pulling righties want everyone to sing Kumbaya because the pu$$y grabbing, mob money laundering reality TV star fake billionaire is getting a rough go at it?


No wonder all the mouth breathers need a peprally every two weeks, yall get down in the dumps so fuckin easy.

Jesus H


When I said “all the demonization” I meant “all the demonization,” but thanks for changing “soft cunts” to “softies”…that’s a thoughtful gesture. :grin:


That’s because Trump came with 30 years as a douchebag as his history


wasn’t sure it would be taken in the anglo pisstaking way. my countryman take that word as toxic


Just in case someone thinks Merrick Garland is relevant:

It’s how the game is played. You don’t have to like it, but no double standards.

(Except, of course, that the Republicans didn’t stoop to a massive campaign of character assassination.)