The Like Epidemic | Using Word “Like” Excessively

I overheard an early 20 something North American westerner last night with some locals. In every sentence he used ‘like’ excessively. The sad thing was the locals were doing it too.
Not the first time I have heard this. I overheard some ABCs doing it a couple of weeks ago on the MRT.
How does it sound to someone learning English (who doesn’t know that is like a speech impediment and used incorrectly) when they hear that so many times?

Saw this online:

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I conduct English language tests for entry to universities abroad. Candidates get marked down for overuse of linkers. We’re getting more students getting penalised for too many likes. I think they are getting it from their foreign buxiban teachers.

It was actually much worse in the 80s…

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like, I don’t like this like news

I think this is just like, kinda typical of the Californian accent and stuff.


Like totally.

Fer sure…


Are any of you familiar with Onyx the Fortuitous? In this clip they edit out most of his speech impediment, but his other stuff clearly shows how it is a crutch.

More obvious
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like, I don’t care.

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I actually started counting how many times I heard ‘like’. The record was 7 ‘likes’ in one sentence.

This is like Firesign Theatre. It’s funny at first, but it goes on too long, after the joke’s been milked dry.

Satanism and the Flying Spaghetti Monster have both been done to death. They should go the way of the Subgenius stuff (remember that?)

At least Cthulhu is still good for memes, although that stuff’s getting tired as well.

It’s an old clip and that wasn’t the point.
The dude is weird and his speech impediment is grating.

It’s all the revenge of the weird. They won’t settle for tolerance. They want to destroy mainstream culture.

There’s no such thing as normal, but there are fringes and they are full of resentment. They had miserable childhoods and they blame the middle of the bell curve. The sick envy the less sick.

There are people who had equally bad childhoods who are willing to accept tolerance and to forgive and move on. And there are those who can’t let it go, can’t move on. There can be no peace with them.

But hey, religious freedom. I’m all for that. My only question is: are they sincere? I think of another FSM from way back that turned out to be full of shit. I simply don’t trust people who spout high ideals without giving concrete proof that they care about any ideals as such.

From SoCal, can verify. (Crap, forgot to slip in a “like” in there…)

This is one reason California needs to fall into the sea.

That’s, like, kinda harsh…

Wasn’t that Lex Luthor’s idea?

Trust me, California wishes the same of Florida.

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Found a better place for this.

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