The List of Things that you can't rely on in Taiwan

Got inspiration!

The thing that I think I can’t rely on is so-called ‘Organic Food’.

“regular teaching hours”

Foreigners, of course. :wink:

Advertised Internet Speeds

Electric and plumbing work.

Here, you can’t rely on:

New, good products staying on the market permanently (e.g. Salt & Vinegar Lays at 7-11)
Cool, kick-ass businesses staying open permanently (e.g. Frying Scotsman)

Basically anything that’s important or useful.

Timely pay.

On-time deliveries of any sort.


water pressure

being able to buy cheap cheese

quiet at night for sleeping purposes

that you won’t die on the nation’s roads

having no hair in your meal

can I go on?


directions from strangers

Legislators to do what they were elected for.

The police to enforce traffic laws.

Oh man - that’s the very worst. Drives me batsh*t nuts every time. I swear it’s a huge conspiracy designed to see how many times I can be sent down some backstreet or to some random stairwell. Then of course I forget this grand scheme, only to to repeat it all over again at some future date… OK, finding my happy place…

Here are a couple more:

Your request for any alteration in a food order to actually be carried out.
Any clerk in any business not cutting you off to answer the phone.

I would change that to “Your request for any food order to actually be carried out as per the menu.”

That things goes as planned.


Taxi Drivers.

Oh…and a girl who has no sense of direction like me with a unreliable taxi driver.

That the english language “newspapers” here are worth NT$15.
What utter fishwraps in quality and “reportage.”

Any what idiot nut-sack biter is responsible for the idiot nut-sack biter “Jimmy Nehru”, or whoever it is, splattering its juvenile idiocy in a ‘public’ forum?

That refugee from a suburban shopper should be given gaoliang enemas in a public square. (Both of them)