The London Stabby Thread

Aw, hell. Let’s just start a thread already.

Yay, gun control.

yea taiwan doesn’t seem so bad actually.


Not sure what gun control has to do with stabbings.

London has a really weird vibe. I hate the place. There are vast areas where every third person seems to be homeless, doped up, drunk, on the make, on the game, or just been released from prison and/or a psychiatric ward. Early morning or late at night, doubly so. I’ve felt safer walking around Manila at 2am. You could make any new laws you like and it would make no difference whatsoever to the fundamental fact that London (or large parts of it) is a bit of a shithole.


London is no worse than a lot of other places, just maybe the violence is a bit more up-close and personal. it’s just part of the cycle that is modern policing.

1, People complain about police brutality, so they take a softly softly approach, violent crime then increases.

2, People complain about the violent crime, police start a campaign to crack down on it, back to 1.

I remember it this way in the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and still the same now, the drugs of choice have changed but the cycle stays the same.

• London: knife crime 2010-2019 | Statista

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kind of like any 1 of the 5 major cities on the US west coast now

Up to a point I’d agree, but London clearly is worse than, say, Taipei, both on a personal/experiential level, and statistically. The fact that it was always this bad (plus or minus), or that there are other shitholes that are just as bad, is not an excuse.

What you might do about it is a whole different issue. I doubt there is any solution that would not involve massive human rights violations - eg., bulldozing entire districts and throwing every resident therein into a concentration camp. The problem with law and order is that it only works when a sizeable majority believe in law and order, and big cities tend to draw a crowd of people who have philosophical objections to the concept.


I couldn’t use Taipei as a baseline for comparing city’s as I see it as an exception way above average in terms of safety.

London is getting a bad rep at the moment, but my personal feeling is this is political motivation as I can’t see how it’s any different to show it’s always been, or it’s extremely violent.

I just done a quick search on line and it’s not even in the top 50 highest murder rates

Knives don’t kill people. People kill people. Specifically, stabby people kill people.

All the stabby people, where do they all come from?
All the stabby people, where do they all belong?

I posted this in another thread, but I think it’s worth mentioning that stabby people are very open minded and don’t care about your race, gender, ethnicity or animal class.

Might also be worth mentioning that it’s not just London. My nephew was threatened with a knife a few months back and violently mugged just recently, and that’s in a town generally considered immune to such things.

Any policeman knows that these things are down to a tiny hardcore minority causing trouble over and over again. Take them out and the crime rate drops precipitously. Unfortunately, as @shaun008 remarked, the UK is currently going through a hand-wringing (and cost-cutting, and bureaucracy-favouring) phase that doesn’t like to consider such things. And even if it were considered, the law doesn’t allow for such people to be removed from polite society for more than a few months, and it has nowhere sensible to put them. So back they go onto the streets, knife in hand, holding up a middle finger to the police, the law, and anyone who disagrees with their worldview.


That sounds racist. Let’s try to find some other way to say “minority.” We need to get on the euphemism treadmill here.

How about “basket of deportables?”

Put one smack head burglar inside and the crime rate for a local area drops incredibly. The moment he’s back out it soars.

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Crime is an equal-opportunity employer. Any gender, any colour, any orientation - the opportunities are endless. You get to make a real difference in the world, and the pay is slightly better than McDonalds for those with talent.

If a given area happens to be majority-Pakistani, then surely it’s no surprise that most of the criminals are Pakistani? Exactly the same thing in majority-white or majority-black areas: the criminals represent the local demographic fairly accurately.

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I cannot see any racism in finley’s post, unless you are triggered by the word “minority”?

I doubt that you will, but could you explain in simple English why you think finley’s post sounds racist?


These cities are REALLY violent. London is not super safe but it’s still nowhere near Latin America and the bad ones in US.

Maybe the way forward is to encourage stabby people to stab each other?


Ouch! It might kind of be the eventual result. Robin Williams did a good skit about this.

They already do that, back where they come from. Been doing it for centuries.


Just give them a caged arena where stabbing is decriminalized.