The Mask Poll

  • I wear a mask whenever I leave my house.
  • I wear a mask whenever I’m in crowded/tourists places or at work.
  • I wear a mask only when required.
  • I never wear a mask.

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How often do you wear a mask?

“I’ve only ever worn a mask (formerly 3M N95, now Vogmask) due to pollution AQI above 95 and still only wear a mask due to AQI over 95”

Just visiting. Wore a mask when I departed the plane until we were in the car. Haven’t worn it since.

As nz states I would wear it for the pollution.

It really grinds my gears when a pie chart is made from similar shades of color.


I wear a mask when it seems socially expected of me. (Or when I’m coughing, or if it’s a bad allergy day.)

Kind of similar to the logic for when I wear trousers or when I shave, really, but slightly different flow chart. Trousers and shaving: “Do I need to look at least somewhat professional?” Mask: “Are most people near me wearing a mask?”


I wear a mask when I have to (hospitals), and when I’m in a closed environment near miserable people (the MRT). Most certainly not outside. I’m astounded at the fools riding their scooters with paper surgical masks on. :joy:
I don’t wear one at work. How the f do you teach a language with a mask on? I get incredulous queries from my co-workers. Trying to convince them that all of the professionals state that the masks are useless unless you’re sick or around sick people is like trying to convince them that drinking warm water is a steaming pile of bulls***, or that putting a half-onion in each classroom is just plain stupid.


I think it’s smart to wear it on the MRT and in the (air conditioned and crowded) department store. But my wife usually insists I wear it all the time, even running to the 7/11 next door. I find it annoying to wear, but beyond that I don’t see the harm in adding another precaution (even if its effectiveness is debatable). Except we will run out of our supply at the current rate we’re using them by the end of March. And unlike a lot of others we know, we were actually well-stocked when this happened. So I hope mask production ramps up and pharmacies start to become moderately stocked again in the next month.


We are in great shape here for mask supply, dont worry about that. Other countries have run out of masks after just one virus case and they don’t even make any!


When will places stop being sold out though… or at least when will pharmacies and clinics stop having long lines of people waiting just to buy 2 masks a week?


At least we can get masks and it’s not like S Korea. Ireland has sold out and they only have one case so far.
Production will reach 12 million a day within two weeks , we will be fine.


I was even offered two masks today by the pharmacy!

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For me, its when in crowded places such as Trains, Buses, Airports etc. I dont work, so that one is irrevelant.

This dates from before the current drama, I have picked up bugs (24hr Flu etc) on Aircraft before, so have always been wary then.

Help. The angry stares I get walking around the hood not wearing a mask are quite hostile.

During SARS, we had to wear one at the office. Luckily, this time around there are not enough masks around for that. The ones wearing them indoors have been abroad recently, so that is fine.

MRT is mask/gloves/intense disinfectant environment. I might resort to carry in a wok. Next idjit I see exploring the depths of his nasal cavities under a mask gets hit until such wok becomes a pan.


Recently19th on a Visa flight out Taoyuan had a young French couple sat behind, the Girl sat window side same as me kept sneezing and coughing and I could feel it as the positioned her head towards the window each time she did.
I stood and complained and I got the blank what me look.
Thankfully the plane was half capacity so we moved, who gave the dirty look on exit it wasn’t me!
Some are so ignorant it’s unbelievable.


I forgot to add I was wearing a mask.

As I have not been sick, I have ignored the dirty looks and haven’t been wearing a mask as per the advice of the CECC. People who might actually benefit others by wearing a mask perhaps aren’t able to because of the shortage, spreading their germs with gay abandon. The whole mask wearing thing seems to be a classic case of 團體迷思, a far more insidious disease on the ROC. My wife has been diligently wearing a mask whenever she has been out of the house since this whole situation flared up… and now she is in hospital with an as yet unknown but apparently contagious condition.

A free N95 mask everyday for me so I am allowed in to see her, hooray.

Hope she gets better.


Really? I have never noticed anyone visibly upset when I’m walking around outside with no mask, which is always. But then I don’t pay much attention. Most ppl are not wearing them outside in my ‘hood.


I go with what is proven to work in Taiwan and not some arrogant foreigners who think they know better than a country that is doing this better than almost everybody else right now .:sunglasses: . Wearing a mask on the MRT or crowded places is a smart thing to do for everybody. One sneeze from an infected person on the MRT could potentially infect dozens. Many people do not even know they are infected… Then you have an epidemic on your hands.
Common fecjin sense.

Sigh…I have to post my sneezing video, again.


I taught the whole of our staff how to “sneeze like a vampire” so that they could spread the word about sneezing into ones elbow to their students, who are all taking off their masks to sneeze. Our principal thought I was brilliant. The Taiwanese medical person who was at the meeting to teach us all about sanitation was like “yeah, no. If you’re coughing or sneezing you need to wear a mask” (sigh)

About 20 minutes later (still at the meeting), I needed to sneeze. I sneezed into my elbow, just as I had just demonstrated. Three people turned to me. Two motioned for me to put on a mask and one verbally told me to put on a mask. I responded with “did you not notice my presention? I sneezed like a vampire”. I know they were rolling their eyes at me in their head, thinking I’m a moron. It’s hopeless