The McDonald's at Minsheng/Dunhua STINKS

Holy sweet Jesus. Haven’t been to a myDonLah in months thanks to my overpriced gym membership… So I decide to treat myself today. The first thing I noticed when I walked in is this awful STANK. Like the air had a lingering odor of grease in it. Can’t recall smelling this elsewhere.

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Use UberEats or FoodPanda.
But you have to face the smell of the delivery guy for a short time… unless he dies trying to bring you the food, then the smell of his dead body will spare your nose. /s


You think a McDonalds meal is an extravagant expenditure? :flushed:

Some McD’s are grosser than others. Seems your local one has shitty management. Might have to find another one for your special “treats.”


Compared to the US, Taiwanese McDonald is delicious.

The McDonald in the US was gross. I actually felt sick (like nauseous) eating their chicken nuggets. The burgers were ok but the fries, sodas, and chicken nugget was gross. No thanks to SuperSize Me.

At least in Taiwan they used their old recipe, that was actually delicious.


Some Taiwan McDonalds are like luxury restaurants…Even in Taiwan :joy:.

Taiwan has the highest CP value of McDonalds in the world probably.:sunglasses: There is no shame in eating in MCDonalds in Taiwan.


When I was a kid, eating at McDonald’s was a big deal. It’s a place to go for celebration here like kids birthdays as you probably already know.

telethon? :sweat_smile:

I was surprised when I ate at McDonalds going back to the state. Fries tasted wrong, chicken nugget tasted like compressed cardboard (no joke). I remembered growing up in the states the McDonald food was actually all right even if the restaurants were mostly ratty. They had the Arch Deluxe and that was delicious, so was the fries and sometimes I could ask if I can get dark meat McNuggets (sometimes they’ll do that for you). And now the McNuggets were uniformly crap, fries tasted soggy even if fresh (I do not know what they did with it), and while I liked the dip sauce that McDonalds in the US provided, the nugget itself was ok if fresh, crap if not.

If you choose meal option E in Taiwan you get a piece of really delicious chicken that comes with that packet you shake it in… I often went for that. Plus the ice tea weren’t super sweetened like they are in the states.

They banned the trans fats man. Better for you but I guess taste like crap.

If I decided to eat at McDonald, being healthy is the last thing I am concerned about. They have other restaurants for health conscious people.

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Yeah if the fat doesn’t get you the salt and sugar will.

It was a big treat going into a McDonalds when we were kids, especially for breakfast.

Also, what does switching up their chicken nugget formula has to do with trans fat? As far as I know, trans fat is manufactured, it does NOT exist in nature. So it had nothing to do with the chickens used, probably the frying oil used. But I don’t see how that would change the fries or the nuggets.

Plus is they’re so concerned about your health perhaps they should stop making their iced tea so sweet that it basically tastes like liquid candy.

You know they have to fry the food right :grin:.
Believe me the taste is mostly due to the oil used.

Have you ever tasted fries fried in peanut oil? Amazing. Also really bad for you.:sunglasses:

Apparently it can be found naturally in meat and dairy.

Same in my homeland. But I still preferred our local Italian chippers.

We had Italian pizza joints. No chippers! Someone might not look too chipper.

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These guys are southern Italian don’t mess with em.:grinning: Think fish and chips shops but also sell chicken and great burgers.

Ours too! Siciliano, Napolitano, Calabrese

Think fish and chips shops

I can only think of Arthur Treacher’s lol. We loved that too! It was near the big slide and the mini golf

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lets not exaggerate. taiwan macdonalds is not bad. reliable and cheap. however taiwanese KFC took a dump on the colonels original recipe from a great height so i don’t anything worth boasting about.