The [Milk] Tea Thread

I don’t understand the obsession of many with milk tea. I’ve had them before but I just don’t get what’s so good with it other than loaded with sugar. Speaking of sugar, even foreigners/tourists are obsessed judging by queues on Tiger Sugar.

Well locals are obsessed with teas. It’s like the coffee version in here. My co workers either dribk their own brewed tea or they have cold fruit teas.

Perhaps share your stories on the subject and what’s your fave flavor. For me, when in doubt I go for taro/matcha flavor. For teas, most of the time, I go for green. Annoying thing for me is I have weak bladder so I need to have a few trips to toilet if I am drinking tea.

I love tea, BUT I only drink it 無糖, no sugar at all. So for me milk tea is more like a morning tea, it sort of replaces things like cappuccino/mocha coffee and stuff like that.

Favorite tea: basically anything from Ali mountain and Sun Moon like.
Favorite store: Preso Tea, good quality tea and brewed on order, so it doesn’t spend hours in a plastic container.

I never drink uber sweet stuff like pearl milk tea because it doesn’t taste like tea, I only have it when someone buys it for me.

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My question is: isn´t it that locals do not like stuff that is too sweet? At least that is my experince when I bring exotic foreign stuff. Oh too sweet, yucky, is the reaction.

So why teh heck is it now so popular to have an already sweetbeverage in which balls of sugar are floating, coveered in caramel sauce? I see it and go yucky.

Most locals I know don’t order those drinks with regular sugar if they drink it at all.

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Orange pekoe or Irish breakfast tea, brewed strong, with plenty of whole milk, and maybe a little cardamon.

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My coworkers kids have one daily. She has tried to stop them but they sneak em in. And they are very expensive, too!

High mountain oolong milk tea or just high mountain oolong is my cup of…tea.

With (30%) sugar or no sugar is fine with me. However, I prefer no sugar with my tea and fresh milk for my milk tea.

Usually when I have sugar added, I do regular ice so it drowns out the sugar, otherwise it does get too sugary.

Some people would probably say the same about Americans and their soda.

Just accept it, don’t have to understand it.

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I love all tea, but I favor green teas, especially jasmine green. High mountain oolong a close second. Prefer hot.

I think it’s strange to add sugar to green or oolong, but sometimes in the summer when I’m too hot and need something refreshing, I like to have them mixed with orange juice or grapefruit juice. But it’s important to me that I can still taste the tea, and it’s not just a diluted juice. Only one spot does it right for me so far. I get the minimum amount of sugar possible with those drinks, just enough to cancel out the sourness. Most places will do 10% sweet if you know how to ask; 1分甜.

I also really like herbal teas in general. I drink a variety of those and ginger tea a lot in the winter when it’s 7PM and I want to feel warm but don’t want any caffeine. I just love tea!


I think we can be friends.



Just get these at your local FamilyMart if you are in a hurry.

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Fruit or herbal teas are not teas, can not be named tea, they are infusions.

" Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis"

" infusions of fruit, leaves, or other parts of the plant, such as steeps of rosehip, chamomile, or rooibos. These are sometimes called tisanes or herbal infusions to prevent confusion with tea made from the tea plant."

:astonished: Sugar in green tea or Oolong tea?:no_no::noway::roll:

Love me some ginger tea! 黑糖薑茶 ftw! You probably don’t like the brown sugar version, but I like sweet drinks.

Ginger infusion!

You don’t like it because you guys haven’t put vodka in it yet.


Vodka makes everything better

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Vodka makes Vodka even better!


my favorite tea place is ChunShuiTang. imo it’s the best milk tea i’ve ever had(to be fair, i only drink it on rare occasions). last time i had a passion fruit green tea drink that was also great. and don’t forget to order the kung fu noodles.

Tea is great.