The Morgue 2017


Pro wrestler George “The Animal” Steele, 79

None of the turnbuckles up there are safe now.

DJ/Producer Robert Miles dead at 47 yo

Chuck Berry, 90.


Wow, I’d begun to think he’d made a deal with the devil and was never going to die. Maybe the devil reneged? Rest in peace, father of rock ‘n’ roll!


Fuck, Chuck berry has died? I was listening to a compilation this very week :frowning:


Yeah, I just found out about it by accident on the 'net. It’ll probably be more prominent in the news in the coming hours.

I wanted to post my favorite Chuck Berry song, “The Promised Land” (Chuck’s nickname for California), here, but I figured it would look like I was making a joke about his death (the Promised Land is also a nickname for Heaven, and it’s sometimes associated with death).

Well, heck, now that I’ve explained things to death, I might as well post it:

Studio version:



Martin McGuinness, a somewhat controversial life however no doubt that without him Northern Ireland would be likely still living in the past.


Yeah, even I can get that :smiley:

However, nobody here knows him personally, and we are here because of him anyway… so a small joke shouldn’t offend anybody

Very cool tunes :slight_smile:


Was a really sad news, Cherry Berry RIP


J. Geils of J. Geils band 80’s fame

[quote]GROTON, Massachusetts —
5 Investigates has learned John Warren Geils Jr., the artist known professionally as J. Geils and part of the rock group The J. Geils Band, was found dead in his Groton, Massachusetts home.

The 71-year-old was found unresponsive by police around 4 p.m. Tuesday after they responded to his home for a well-being check. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Foul play is not suspected at this time.

Geils and the band are best known for their album, “Freeze Frame” and the song “Centerfold,” which hit No. 1 for six weeks.


Wow, didn’t realize he was that old. Hope it was natural causes.


More likely


The poor guy just died, and you’re making him roll over in his grave already? At least let him catch his breath…


Allan Holdsworth


Another great shuffles off this mortal coil. I’ll be re-watching Silence of the Lambs (yet again) in remembrance.


News has been circulating today around the death of famous trance pioneer and DJ Robert Miles, who passed away in Ibiza at this evening local time. The cause of death has not been disclosed.


Chu Ke-liang, Taiwanese TV icon

I do fear his daughters got burdened with his debts.


Wow, the passing of an icon. I guess if anybody has the earning power to pay off his debts, it’s 謝金燕.


Not half the burden he was to them when he was alive. Sorry, but he was not a very nice man. He had a real bad attitude about women, and he treated his family like shit.
He should have stayed disappeared.


Indeed. I am concerned how much his debts will burden his daughters. I mean, they left him alone halfway to death’s door to work, after some unsavory visits -men in black. That means yes, both in life and death, their father’s burden’s will accompany them. Ruined their personal lives before, hope they do not ruin their careers.