The Morgue 2017


In another article it talks about the comedian’s debt in the middle of his career and then when he emerged from hiding, wrote out a will knowing he wouldn’t be living for too long.

Seems like the will is more of a passing on of debt than anything else. =\


Fuckin Cornell, no way

They’re saying it might be suicide.



Temple of the Dog are my whole teenage angst years.
Legendary singer.


Roger Ailes --like him or not, he made Fox the number 1 news channel. He helped shape the modern cable news landscape. Also a great political operative for Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, and for Rudy Giuliani’s first mayoral campaign.


Oh, come on, man

A medical examiner determined that Cornell killed himself by hanging in a Detroit hotel room following a concert on Wednesday. He was 52.


Yeah, sad news.
First, Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone (heroin overdose) who was in a group originally with Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament who then went on to form Pearljam. Second, Kurt Cobain and self-inflicted shotgun blast. Now Chris Cornell. Grunge? Seattle? Just more depressed rockers?


Well, Andrew wasn’t a suicide.



Live and Let Die - one of the best theme songs for the 007 franchise.


First Bond to go yonder. RIP Roger. My fav Bond of his is
The Spy Who Loved Me.


Gosh, my first thought was that he died younger than Sean Connery but nope, Connery is actually only 86 years old. :heart_eyes:

Funny anecdote as per DW: Moore was supposed to be the first Bond, but the director thought he did not look “fierce” enough.


I read he was tied up with Simon Templar -The Saint series and wasn’t
available and thus the producers found after a search an unknown Scot
Actor doing some minor stage plays …Sean Connery

And the rest is history


Yep, I had heard that too. I liked that series - I am revealing my age, but anyways stuff always got decades after in the ol country, due to slow translation… and very tiny market.


Its better to be old than gone.


Agreed. I’d rather have wrinkles and white hair than the alternative!


Have wrinkles and no hair?


But alive.


I was really shocked at this news, grew up listening to his music. Seems untrue he is gone.


He was a master of his most extraordinary instrument, and he always meant what he was doing.

I’m the first to admit that Audioslave was pretty much the biggest disappointment of the whole friggin 00s, but they deffo had their moments


Earnest and ambitious, Brzezinski helped Carter bridge wide gaps between the rigid Egyptian and Israeli leaders, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, leading to the Camp David accords in September 1978. Three months later, U.S.-China relations were normalized, a top priority for Brzezinski.