The Morgue 2017



Just saw that on the news now was wondering what his name was. In my first job in TW he was in their promo materials. Talk about coincidental, the day before he got the id. RIP


I just hope this isn’t a sign from the Yellow Emperor that Westerners weren’t meant to have ROC citizenship!


Just a sign that giving it only to people who have been here over 50 years means they will not enjoy the benefits much.

Let’s make it 25, Ok?


Manuel Noriega, 83. Here’s a take on the Taiwan connection:


Adam West, Batman


Sad news…I loved that show as a kid. The humor was pretty sophisticated too…fun for all ages.


Professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes, 69


Martin Landau. One of my first scify heroes.


George Romero, father of the modern zombie genre also carked it :slightly_frowning_face:


Meaning one more death is coming. :cry:


I hate that you are right…

This one is of my generation and it really really sucks. It hit me hard while I was having lunch today. Linkin Park brings me back to walking through high school in my baggy jeans, braces and gelled hair.


Rhodes died in 2015!


In the same way as his friend. Bennington had suffered from depression, caused probably by child abuse. He himself had six kids. Poor guy, heavy demons he must have battled.


Killed himself on Chris Cornell’s birthday, who was a good friend and inspiration to him. What’s funny though is no one here knew about Cornell, but my Taiwanese friends and students are posting a lot about Bennington.


Lol. Thanks.


Sam Shepard – great playwright and was in the Right Stuff :cry:


American comedian and white culture paragon Jerry Lewis


I guess he’s gone to get his fucking shine box…


Sucks. Loved him as Phil Leotardo in ‘The Sopranos.’ Now both the NY boss and NJ boss (Gandolfini) are dead irl. :frowning: