The Morgue 2018





RIP Stephen Hillenburg, creator of Spongebob Squarepants. Sad to see you go but glad you aren’t suffering anymore.

Wish the idiots running the show now would stop ruining it.



RIP 41 :pray:



Oops I think I reported this by mistake . Damned iPhone buttons . It’s my cataracts and the pollution . My apologies . I have never reported a post :smirk:


? Hm?


One of the richest men in the world gone at 54 from cancer lung and throat.




Worse. Taiwan air breather.


probably the fresh taiwan air. if i was a taiwanese millionaire/billionaire, i would get out of here ASAP. but it’s quite heroic of them to stay here in the face of horrible air quality, devastating earthquakes, unstable nuclear plants, china in your face…


This morning I saw this white shitty mist again… It’s a pity, because the weather is not bad. I would take a day off for enjoying some quality time without hordes of local tourists everywhere.


We were talking about that. Taiwanese men do not seem to last long , and I mean, live long you dirty minded bunch. Most of my friends´ dads are in Heaven, 50 to 60 is the deadly decade for cancer here.

For business men, the ganbei culture followed by meetings in smoky special KTVs means early demise.

This week both Mr. Yen and some famous Taiwanese actor died of similar, painful throat/lung/internal organs cancers.


Seems that throat cancer is the cancer du jour:

Smoking and drinking are the two main risk factors for esophageal cancer, Lee said.

The WHO has also listed soup or beverages hotter than 58oC as a carcinogen, he said, advising people to wait for the liquid to cool if it feels hot to the tongue.

People who smoke, drink alcohol, have chronic acid reflux or have been diagnosed with head and neck cancer or oral cancer should routinely screen for esophageal cancer after the age of 45, he added.

In addition being the main contributing factor to esophageal cancer, smoking is also a major risk factor for heart problems like myocardial infarction.

Seventy percent of patients under 45 admitted to hospitals in Taiwan after a heart attack said they smoke regularly. Further, smoking is said to account for 17 percent of all cardiovascular-related deaths.


How hot does 58 degrees soup even feel?


I don’t think it has to be very hot… I remember some news about drinking hot water (as Chinese do and see as a healthy thing to do) is cancerEGENOUSEOUS (thanks @shiadoa).


Yen, who reportedly died of esophageal cancer, had been intubated for the last two months of his life and had not been seen in public since December 2017.

Mmm, hard to shout with a tube down your throat while struggling to breathe.


He probably wrote to her with his phone.


Dunno about Yen, but the actor suffered brain damage a few weeks ago because he couldn´t breathe. I imagine Yen was not completely conscious either, or at least I hope he was spared some of the pain. Seems like a bad way to go.


It so shit they stick tubes in you instead of letting you go peacefully, hate that about Taiwan .


Actually, not that bad. They let you go when you want to go, you can sign a DNR or they give you extra morphine. In the old country, they do not allow that, it is against the will of God they say and any doctor that agrees to help a patient in such a way will be jailed and can never practice medicine.