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As per the Guardian: He claimed to have coined the word “dontopedalogy”: a talent for putting one’s foot in one’s mouth. :laughing:

The guy saw a lot of stuff in his long life.

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Liked his comment to a reporter in Australia:
Reporter: “How was your flight, sir?”
Prince Phillip: “Have you ever been on an airplane?”
Reporter: “Uh, yes sir.”
PP: “Well, it was a lot like that.”


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My only connection to Philip was when he and Prince Andrew dedicated a new wing of the Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, B.C, in 1978. My friend and I were up the street at his sister’s apartment when we saw all the commotion, and a Rolls-Royce convertible pulled up.I asked him if he had binoculars or a telescope so we could see who it was. “Nope, but I got a scope on my hunting rifle.”

So we hauled it out to the balcony and were taking turns looking when I realised what it would have looked like if, say, a Mountie had seen us, and started screaming hysterically to my friend to put it down.
Though, as my sister who lives in England said, “if you’d shot him in the head no-one would have noticed.”


And for the story within a story:

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DMX is now confirmed to have died.

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The year starts with MF Doom, and now DMX… :sleepy:

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Not really an Obama fan, but this is a nice tribute.

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Seems Bernie just proved that “you can’t take it with you”.

Both his sons are dead too, one by suicide and the other cancer. The Madoff family luck definitely ran out.