The Morgue 2021

Whether it’s Taiwan, Korea, Japan, hell even our enemy China, I feel a certain kinship with other ESL teachers working in the Far East. Our common experience of moving across the world to teach is a bond we share and in many ways we are a giant community. So I always hate hearing about one of us falling prematurely to an unnatural end. RIP

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Damn, damn, damn!

First MF Doom, then DMX and now Biz Markie!!! :cry:

What does 2021 have against criminally underrated hip hop pioneers??

Canadian Bruce Beach, Bunker Guy, has died.

RIP Mr. Hill


Sad to hear that. ZZ Top had an iconic look, even if you weren’t familiar with their music.

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Came here because of it :frowning:

He was a bellwether for cool.

One of merengue’s greats

You came to Taiwan because of Dusty Hill?

No, I came to Taiwan because of his decease.

Time tripping again? :roll:

You need more repression.