The Morgue 2024

This one’s saddening.


Well, he was 100. That’s a very full life.

What’s interesting is he was deep in his 80s when he did the thing he would become famous for.

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She was the meanest cat in Ole Chicago town! :clown_face:

Boney M. - Ma Baker (Sopot Festival 1979) (

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Oh no. That one hits hard (no pun intended).

Apollo… :cry:

Realised I was old when a reactor responding to seeing Carl Weathers in Predator said “I know him! He’s on Mandalorian.”

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It’s all in the hips.

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I just saw Carl Weathers in a commercial for FanDuel (with Rob Gronkowki too), in my hotel room just before flying here last month. He looked kinda too old in the commercial, which I guess makes more sense now.

Barry John

Toby Keith is dead at 62.

I didn’t listen to him (the only country artist I like is Johnny Cash), but even I know he was a HUGE name in that genre. And of course 62 is too young.


Cool duet.

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Mojo Nixon, age 66, cardiac arrest.

Outlived by Don Henley, and now perhaps drinking with plastic Jesus.


Just watched a few videos about this guy in the past few days. Ran his first marathon in 2022 and was already the record holder. Three marathons, three wins. Three of the top 7 runs in history. Would have been the first guy to go under two hours in normal race conditions.


Came up on news feed.
Elaine Chao is Mitch McConnell’s wife and former Secretary of Transportation.
Their parents are from China and fled/went to Taiwan during civil war. Father went to US in late 50s and family followed a few years later
Elaine and 2 other sisters born in Taiwan, while Angela and two other sisters born in U.S.
Angela’s husband was initial investor of Facebook, where he made most of his $1bn+ in wealth.

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Whoa…is there more to this than meets the eye?


Even if there is, this isn’t the thread for it. Take it to ‘Politics.’

I can’t yet find any other info corroborating Bass’s version of the details of this incident. It seems like it is being suggested her Tesla was hacked to reverse into a pond? I assume it also locked itself too.

Harrowing if true, but I would take a Bass claim with a big grain of salt. The guy consistently doom-mongers.

Here is an example of him blatantly posting a lie, trying to float a picture from 2009 as proof. I guess he (mostly accurately) bet that his target audience would be too daft/gullible to do something as basic as a reverse image search…really thankful for the “reader context” feature that was carried over in situations like the one below.

Yes, Kyle Bass has hated on China for half a decade or more.
Been a dooms-mongerer on it for sure.
Scott Adams, who also hates China with a passion for personal reasons, had reposted it.