The Mueller investigations thread


Me, I’m wondering why no one on this board is all over this…

Remember: this isn’t really a sincere legal investigation. It’s a political prosecution.


So, in which country will he claim asylum? :ponder:


The Kangaroo court continues.



Here comes the next one:

Totes credible.


Yeah, um… he testified under oath that Trump committed crimes to influence the election.

Apparently it’s credible enough that he’s willing to go to jail if it’s found that he lied…

Honestly, Rowland, who are you? Why do you flood the Taiwan forum with Trump humping nonsense? What’s your motivation behind this? You do know that there are dedicated Trump worshipping forums out there, right? Try /r/TheDonald


This works both ways, in case you didn’t notice.


While essentially true, have you noticed that most of the people who don’t like Trump really only react to the content posted by those who do? Okay, take for example, Tuesday (Monday?) wasn’t a great day for Trump and his buddies. This week as a whole, really. Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t think the detractors ran in here to rub it in. I don’t think most people care, they just react to things from time to time.

Though all things considered, Rowland can post whatever he wants as long as it doesn’t involve those poor, poor Ewoks again :frowning:


I like a good anti-Trump screed as well as the next guy, but when that’s all you post, it can get a tad tedious.

I’d like to state for the record that I am categorically against sex crimes against Ewoks.


I’ve posted 3 rebuttals to your thousands of nonsense posts.

Who am I? A person who believes in truth and logic (Things that don’t work both ways it seems)

And I’ll just add that Trump humpers are welcome to return to Trump’s America where the economy is “booming” (not really) and the jobs market is “on fire” (except not really). And yet I’m guessing most of you haven’t gone back. Is it maybe because housing is unaffordable for half of people in 75% of US counties (a 10 year high)? Or perhaps because real wages are falling for most workers and job creation is at a 5 year low? Or perhaps it’s because growth in working-age adults minus jobs created since 2009 still shows that 8 million people are missing from the workforce?

So I ask again, who are you? Why would expats or Taiwanese citizens flood a Taiwan forum with propaganda for a US politician? Legit question. Perhaps you’re really just trolls with no relation to Taiwan. Otherwise, if you are in Taiwan, why not go back to Trump’s glorious America? The whole situation is absurd. There are plenty of more appropriate places to Trump hump such as reddit’s /r/TheDonald or /r/pol or craigslist politics forum or


Um…you’ve never posted a rebuttal to any of my posts. This type of confusion does seem to be a common symptom of TDS though…lumping individuals into a monolithic group of “Trump humpers.” Please accept my best wishes for an early recovery.


But that’s my point, this subforum almost solely exists as a liberal bashing fest. The nonsense memes aren’t as bad lately, but look at the threads themselves. I mean really look at them. I can’t see one topic that was posted just to hate on Trump.

Okay, I see one. The Trump Making China Great Again thread, I guess.

I don’t really know why that’s a question. This is the international politics forum, it’s kind of what it’s for. I wouldn’t think they have any ulterior motive beyond that. Why Rowland thinks he’s going to win the hearts and minds of people here is another question.

Headline tomorrow: Dr_Milker states he records sex crimes against Ewoks.


. The Cow . myself ,have posted Memes/and liked material that may not be Pro-Trump . He is not perfect, but I see beyond personality and look at Policy, some of which is unpopular but seems to be effective.
You bandy your data , which is debatable at the minimum
Economy not booming…it appears to be, by most measurements ( of course if you are willing you can find data to disagree but the consensus seems to be positive.
Jobs are certainly in a better place.
Obama was far more guilty of "massaging " the jobless figures
Stock Market and Growth figures…Oh of course …Obama( rolls eyes)

We could all ignore the most influential News in the World, that could affect Billions of people, Yes, Taiwan or Worldwide. If it irritates you so much , just watch CNN so you don’t get upset …or don’t click threads that have an opposing view.


I must apologise, i think I may have qualified a superlative in my reply :disappointed_relieved:
All discourse is good to see. Sometimes we do get polarised and divided and it all gets a bit Tribal , but I do not agree with all of Trump policy and I don’t mind saying that.
Abortion, I feel should be up to the Women concerned , for instance.
Regarding Mueller, I genuinely think that there is as much, if not more “Collusion” from the Democrats. Knowing how much Trump hatred existed within the DOJ, CIA, etc, it must be at least a possibilty , that there is huge bias in this whole debacle.
That does NOT condone collusion if it took place.


Hah, the cow got pwned.

Mind you those thousands of posts are often mixed up with my thousands. Bit worried I’m being tainted by this scandal.


Hail the Cow


This is a Taiwan forum first and foremost. While there is a sub forum on politics, it’s bizarre to go out of your way to post so much Trump humping crap here that has absolutely nothing to do with Taiwan. Frankly, it reflects poorly on forumosa. But, money money money. Gotta get that ad revenue, which is why Trump is president tbh.

This type of post does seem to be a common symptom of being brain dead and repeating narratives that others have posted over and over again without putting any thought into any of it. Please accept my best wishes for an early recovery. Actually, I don’t wish a recovery on your kind.

2014 remains the best year for job growth.
2015 remains the best year for GDP growth.
The economy is only booming for those who own houses and securities, ie the people who didn’t need any help in the first place. Everyone else is getting thrown under a bus (again).
Sentiment = FEELINGS, and you remember what Trump humpers said about feelings, right?

Well, you’ve officially rendered your opinion as irrelevant.


Wow, I hope you’re successful in dealing with your anger issues, and I’m not being facetious. That kind of seething hatred can’t be good for your health. If I were you, I’d try and come to terms with those unhealthy feelings regarding Trump (and try not to project them onto his supporters…you know, “our kind”). Spewing hatred at other people because they hold different political views isn’t a good look.


You won’t find someone who’s more turned off by Trump than me. I dislike him as a personality and majority of his policies and actions. But this is just wrong on every kind of level. First of all, this is literally the international politics subforum of Forumosa. It’s for everything except Taiwan-related topics, really. Second of all, nobody’s making any money off this. Though if Rowland managed to figure out how to monetize those posts of his, I’m totally jumping aboard his bandwagon.

I don’t think anything really reflects badly on forumosa except vitriol against letting people have dissenting opinions. There’s a lot of that going on. On both sides.


FBI/Mueller literally dug into every aspect of Trump’s entire life, going back decades, and the worst thing they could find is that he paid women to not try and destroy his campaign with possibly false stories, or decade old affairs.
They only proved how clean he is.
And Manafort would have not been charged with tax fraud if not for association with President Trump.