The narratives about Antifa thread

Heartwarming to us Americans. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

Shocking that BLM would later claim this idio… er, protester was run over, given the stellar levels of honesty we’ve come to expect from these yayhoos.

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The guy’s lucky he never encountered a Taiwanese gravel truck.


I think he’s also lucky it’s 2020. If I were that cop and it was 15 years ago I’d have backed up and taken a 2nd shot. Maybe even 10 years ago.

Sounds like it’s time for someone to come out of retirement, develop a binlang habit and begin a lucrative second career in gravel transportation. :sunglasses:

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One of my customers lives about an hour south of Portland. They’re relocating to the Texas hill country early next year because of the situation with the population and government in Oregon. They scoped out their new area and said it was refreshing to meet people who say hello and aren’t confrontational.

I’ve found Oregonians outside of Portland to be pretty darn friendly (well, except for the tweakers).


Only in the last year have I spent any time in that part of the US. My only wish is that it were larger since it’s really nice and it’s getting more expensive by the day to buy land there.

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Boy, they are really stupid


Since antifa is ‘real’ and places like Portland and areas of Wisconsin are on fire or whatever, and since I guess an article showed victims of riots were more likely to vote Trump, remind me how Trump is polling in Oregon and Wisconsin? :sweat_smile:

Seems Biden up by double digits in both states…hmmmm.

Lao Tzu and threads like these, a study in self-inflicted wounds. :books:

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Yeah, that’s shocking. Whoda ever thunk a surge in crime would happen?

Other than 4yo and up Minneapolis residents, I mean.

The local government definitely needs to hire more social workers.

Oh yeah.


Not sure why you’re trying to shift the argument, nobody argued there weren’t small groups of people identifying as antifa though.

In fact I myself posted an article talking about how it’s limited to small groups of friends.

The point has always been that it isn’t some plotting organization with hierarchy, and naturally because of that it isn’t nearly the threat some people like to play it up as.

We look at antifa as more of an ideology or a movement than we do an organization.

And then you have groups like proud boys and bugaloos who have more organization, and have properly been identified by the same FBI running under Wray as the most prominent domestic terror threat in the US.

So you see, it’s about priorities, and recognizing what is big and what is small.

Clown Republican politicians like to ask stupid stuff like ‘is antifa imaginary?’ when nobody has said it is. Then they get the response from Wray and people like you quoting it, as if you’ve scored a touchdown. :sweat_smile:

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I posted a link from a reputable news source that I found interesting. I wasn’t responding to an argument.

Can I only post here if there’s a counterargument? Why all the hostility?


I don’t agree that the biggest terrorist threat comes from organizations. The lone wolf killers like Dylann Roof are the greatest risk at this point in time. They tend to have weak links at best to organizations. It’s still terrorism, though.

The guy who shot the cops in the face may have links to an organization, but it’s more likely he’s going to be loosely affiliated to far Left groups. Despicable as they are, AFAIK The Proud Boys haven’t killed anyone to date.

Crenshaw then said, “That seems to me to be down-playing it….This is an ideology that has trained its members, makes shield wall phalanxes to attack federal officers. It formed an autonomous zone in an American city and besieged a federal courthouse in another, so it just seems to be more than an ideology.”

They tattooed plenty!